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Bad sign for Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz was recently named the world’s most unfriendly celeb when it comes to giving autographs. Jeannette Walls Delivers the Scoop.
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Cameron Diaz was recently named the world’s most unfriendly celeb when it comes to giving autographs, and it looks like she got her title the old fashioned way: she earned it.

The Scoop recently reported that Diaz — the highest paid actress in Hollywood — was also dubbed the Worst Signer by Autograph Collector magazine, and after the item ran, former fans contacted this column, saying she deserved that award.

Some stunned witnesses got the Diaz treatment at a Justin Timberlake concert in Chicago last month where they noticed the Charlie’s Angels star, escorted by two big bodyguards. “Two small girls [ages] 10 and 11 saw her and squealed and called her name until Cameron turned and started screaming — ‘No one talk to me! Don’t let anyone look at me!’” reports the source. “The guards then started threatening people NOT to look at Ms. Diaz or speak to her. . . . The girls were crushed. They were actually afraid to even look her direction.”

“That’s nonsense,” a spokesman for the statuesque star tells The Scoop, “and completely inconsistent with who Cameron is, especially with kids.”

Sheen’s ‘Scary’ past

It seems the recently-hitched Charlie Sheen wants people to forget his tawdry past.

The star has been giving Dimension Films “an incredibly hard time” about promoting his new flick, “Scary Movie 3,” says a source. “At one point, he was flatly refusing to do interviews for it,” says the insider. “He says he’s sick of having to sit down with reporters who always want to dredge up embarrassing questions about his past and ask about things like [Hollywood madam] Heidi Fleiss.”

Spokeswomen for both Dimension and Sheen vehemently deny the story, and insist that Sheen happily agreed to do all the publicity asked of him. But another source says that some reporters talking to Sheen have been specifically instructed not to bring up the touchy subject of Ms. Fleiss, whose hookers Sheen reportedly used before he got married to wife Denise Richards. “They were told that Heidi is strictly off limits,” says the insider. “Apparently, the new wife goes ballistic whenever Heidi’s name is mentioned.”

David Bowie doesn’t want to be a knight. The aging rocker hinted to the London Sun that he was offered the honor, but unlike fellow aging rocker Mick Jagger, he turned it down. “I would never have any intention of accepting anything like that. I seriously don’t know what it’s for. It’s not what I spent my life working for,” Bowie told the paper. “It’s not my place to make a judgment on Jagger, it’s his decision. But it’s just not for me.”

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