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‘Bachelor’ is an officer and a gentleman

New "Bachelor" has begun. Plus: Tallying "Survivor" votes; new "Grease" leads.
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Wondering about how a certain reality show pulled something off? Have a question about a certain contestant?

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Q: I thought a new “Bachelor” show was supposed to start in Feb 2007? I still enjoy watching them and look forward to watching every week.    —Kathy, Kansas

A: The new season of “The Bachelor” premieres Monday, April 2 on ABC. The new Bachelor is U.S. Navy Lieutenant Andy Baldwin, M.D.. The 30-year-old is “an undersea medical officer for a special operations dive unit stations in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii,” meaning ABC is labeling this season the “Officer and a Gentleman” season.

In this season, the Bachelorettes still live in the typical giant house, but Baldwin himself spends the duration of the show living on a yacht anchored nearby.

Apparently the new Bachelor thinks going on the show was worth it. The New York Daily News reports that Baldwin says “I came out with an amazing woman and I’m totally in love.”    —G.F.C.

Q: On Survivor, when Jeff reads the votes, have they been mixed up, so that they are not read in the order in which people vote?    —C.J.

A: While to our knowledge CBS has never said he does this, it seems pretty clear that host Jeff Probst (or, more likely, a production assistant) places the “Survivor” votes in a suspense-inducing order.

We get lots of mail from people who are angry that Probst always says “I’ll go tally the votes” when he goes to pick up the urn. The angry people generally tell us that Probst should say “I’ll go get the votes.” But they’re wrong.

“Tally” has numerous definitions, including “to register or score in a contest” or “to make a count of.” It seems clear to us that Probst or his assistant is doing just that, scoring the contest, counting the votes, and putting them in order so that the reveal is drawn out. Then he brings the urn back to where the cast can see him and reads them.    —G.F.C.

Q: I really loved watching “Grease: You’re the One that We Want” on NBC and enjoyed that Max and Laura won. How long are they going to be the leads, till the end of December? Is there talk of doing another reality show for Broadway?    —Heather

A: The new leads, Max Crumm, from Phoenix, and Laura Osnes, from Eagan, Minn., are under one-year contracts. Rehearsals start in June, with previews scheduled for July. As with any Broadway show, audience interest will determine whether the leads play out an entire year on stage or if they’re canceled early.

“Maybe we’ll spend five or 10 years in New York and then get tired of it and want to get home,” Osnes told the Minneapolis-based Star Tribune.

As to other Broadway reality shows, we haven’t heard of any more being planned.    —G.F.C.

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