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Attorney: Lawsuit against Rob Lowe continues

Despite online reports that Rob Lowe won a victory against former nanny Laura Boyce — who Rob and wife Sheryl are suing for allegedly breaking a confidentiality agreement — Boyce’s lawyer has told Access Hollywood the Lowes did not have a major legal victory.

According to Boyce’s lawyer, Gloria Allred, the judge’s decision made Friday in Los Angeles Superior Court did not deem her client’s confidentially agreement valid or invalid. She said her client would move forward with her case alleging sexual harassment against the actor and his wife.

“All the judge did was deny Boyce’s motion to strike Lowes’ claim. The ruling simply allows the Lowes to proceed with their lawsuit against Boyce. Boyce is still able to pursue and is pursuing her lawsuit against the Lowes alleging sexual harassment, wrongful termination, and labor code violations, including unpaid overtime, meal and rest period violations and other issues,” Allred told Access Hollywood in a statement.

“We alleged that the confidentiality agreement was void as against public policy because California Labor Code Section 232.5 makes it illegal for an employer to require as a condition of employment, that an employee refrain from disclosing information about the employee’s working conditions and it also makes it illegal to require a waiver or other documents that purport to deny the employee the right to disclose information about the employee’s working conditions,” the statement continued.

Adding, “The judge did not say that the confidentiality agreement was valid or invalid. The validity of the agreement would be decided at a later time. We are very happy that we are able to proceed with our numerous allegations against the Lowes on behalf of Laura Boyce.”

The Lowes first brought suit against Boyce in April 2008.

Lowe's attorney could not be reached for comment.