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Artie Lange would love to return to Stern show

The  former Howard Stern sidekick who's been lying low since his suicide attempt in January 2010, visited his comedian pal Nick DiPaolo on Fox Sports Radio.
/ Source: E!online

Let's hope we can call this the makings of a comeback.

Word started to spread late last night--Artie Lange was live on the radio.

The beloved comic and former Howard Stern sidekick, who's been lying low (with the exception of one Comedy Cellar appearance last September) since his heartbreaking suicide attempt in January 2010, visited his comedian pal Nick DiPaolo on Fox Sports Radio for three glorious hours Wednesday.

Opening up about his troubled past, Lange was as sweet and captivating as ever, sharing his thoughts on such wide-ranging topics from his newfound sobriety to the Casey Anthony verdict.

So what did the scruffy comic reveal?

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First those familiar food habits.

Although he's been rehabbing, Lange hasn't kicked that famous junk food habit he used to discuss at great length to the delight of Stern fans (cupcakes, pizza and his mom's famous Italian cooking were diet staples). Not even a half-hour into the show, a hysterical Artie complained it was so hot he was going to pass out, but was drinking a milkshake to "stay cool."

Among his many revelations, Lange said he'd gotten sober at the Ambrosia rehab center in Florida. He even gave a shout out to his counselor, identified as Dottie, who helped him kick his drug and booze habit at the Singer Island facility.

"I've been in more rehabs than Larry King's had wives," he cracked in his familiar gruff voice.

As much as we wanted to hear every detail about what Lange's been up to, he did have to actually talk some sports when former New York Yankee pitcher Goose Gossage called in as the first guest. Lange, a huge sports fan, was always the one to fill Stern (who prefers watching Dancing With the Stars) in on any sports facts or trivia.

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But then it was on to hot topics, with Lange and DiPaolo discussing the Casey Anthony trial.

"I was outraged by the verdict, I don't think she lied to police," joked Lange, who said he'd "date her in a second."

"I think it would be good publicity," he said.

As for his former gig on "The Howard Stern Show," Lange sounded grateful to have had the opportunity to work with the King of all Media, which he began in 2001. Fans loved Lange for his tales of binging on alcohol and drugs, falling asleep in the studio and raiding the vending machine.

Asked by a caller if he would be returning, Lange said he still loves everyone on the show, but that his troubled past put everyone in an odd position.

"That would be the greatest thing ever," he said. "I was on the greatest show of all time for nine years but I put them in a very awkward situation to say the least. But I love all of them."

A picture posted on thecomicscomic shows a grayer, but more serene looking Lange, who sounded like his old self again. (Listen to the entire three hours here.)

"I'm 30 situps away from the body of a young Mark Hamill," he joked.

He also revealed that he was working on a new book filled with new "crazy stories."

The comic, who hasn't hit the airwaves since his breakdown last year, said he may show up to DiPaolo's comedy gig tonight at Caroline's comedy club in New York. Maybe he'll even give us fans a set of his own?

Either way, we loved hearing him. Welcome back, Artie.

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