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Are Those Naked Shots of Jessica Alba and Kat Dennings for Real?

There seems to be more more celebrity boob in the wild!
/ Source: E!online

There seems to be more more celebrity boob in the wild!

Today it was apparently Jessica Alba and Kat Dennings' turn to go viral, with the public getting a peep under the hood at what looked to be topless shots of both actresses.

So what's the deal?

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Separate sets of multiple shots purportedly of Alba and Dennings--grainy images presumably snapped via cell phones--were widely disseminated via Fleshbot (definitely NSFW).

While several calls to reps for both actresses were not returned, Fleshbot editor Lux Alptraum told E! News the images appear to be the real deal.

Alba's face is clear in two of the pics posted in the set of four, and in one she is seen getting a sweet kiss from hubby Cash Warren. Another shows off a pregnant belly.

The pictures supposedly of Dennings (until today best known for her role in Nick &Norah's Infinite Playlist) are more risqu, with the subject fully nude.

"I grabbed them before they became a really big story," said Alptraum. "We see a lot of fakes, and this one, especially Alba's, look real, because they are so personal looking," Alptraum said. "The fake ones are usually incredibly sexual. These look a lot more real. And the fakes usually get debunked pretty quickly.

"I think Jessica's are just pregnancy pictures, not inherantly sexual. We sexualize anything with the slightest hint of breast. These pictures are sweet," Apltraum said. "Kat's look like they were taken for her own pleasure or to send to someone else, obviously we don't know who. We just care in this case because they're celebrities who haven't done nude scenes."

And how do such private pictures get leaked?

"Sometimes it gets out because somebody passed it around, sometimes poeple are just flirting online and send it to someone who shouldn't be trusted. Sometimes people's computers get hacked. There's a lot of different ways it happens. What it really highlights is that your private stuff is not private," she said.

Alptraum says the images have generated lots of traffic for the site. While normal items typically get 1,000 to 2,000 views, the post featuring the alleged Alba/Dennings pics is closing in on 100,000.

"It's huge," she said. "We don't usually get those numbers during the day."

Alba, who graces the December cover of Elle, just described herself as "shy" in the cover story.

"I don't like being the center of attention," she told the mag.

Well then, if that's actually her, she's hating today. For real.

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