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AMC exec: 'Killing' will reveal Rosie Larsen's killer next season

Carole Segal / AMC / Today

Fans of "The Killing" will find out who killed Rosie Larsen in season two. That promise came from AMC’s head of original programming Joel Stillerman, who admitted that the network did not effectively “manage expectations.”

The series starring Billy Campbell and Mireille Enos hooked viewers into a moody mystery surrounding the death of teenager Rosie Larsen with suspicion falling on the slick politician (Campbell) and her parents (Michelle Forbes and Brent Sexton). The show’s promotional tagline was: “Who killed Rosie Larsen?” But viewers were up in arms when the final episode ended on a rather ambiguous note.

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“For everybody who was frustrated, we hear you,” said Stillerman, addressing reporters gathered at the Beverly Hilton for the semi-annual Television Critics Association press tour.

“We would have taken a different approach to managing the expectations about what was going to happen,” said Stillerman. “It was never intentionally meant to mislead anybody. Our goal was to create a brilliant piece of character-based story telling and to try to do something [different]. We think we got there but we definitely didn’t manage expectations the way they should have been managed.”

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“I can say definitively,” added Stillerman. “You will find out who killed Rosie Larsen in season two.”

Stillerman also dished on the future of "The Walking Dead." Read what he had to say on The Hollywood Reporter's website.

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