Adele invites fan on stage, has no idea she's Grammy-nominated pro

/ Source: TODAY

Fans don't just go to an Adele concert to hear the singer belt out her hits — though make no mistake, that would be more than enough.

No, an Adele show is filled with amusing stories, memorable moments and — thanks to her habit of bringing fans on stage — even songs from unexpected singers.

But no one was more surprised by the fan she brought into the spotlight at a Tuesday night show in Los Angeles than Adele herself.

That's because Jamie Grace, who belted out Adele's "Remedy" and Elvis' hit "Can't Help Falling in Love," sounded like a pro.

Also, she is a pro!

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In addition to being an admirer of Adele, Grace is a Grammy-nominated singer who's released two albums, two EPs and had several hits on the Billboard Christian music charts.

Adele was clearly taken aback by Grace's talent, and Grace was taken aback by the amazing opportunity she had to share the stage with such a star.

"Last night. I sang on stage with @Adele," the 24-year-old wrote in a Facebook post the next day. "Woke up giggling."

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