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By Ree Hines

No kid likes timeout — that's sort of the point of the punishment. But when one little capuchin monkey at Miami's Zoological Wildlife Foundation found herself sent to the corner, she was positively heartbroken about it.

A clip from the @ZMFMIAMI Instagram feed reveals little Angelica's plight. The tiny monkey can be seen resting her head in her hands and looking despondent. Good thing she's got a pal to help her out.

"Toby consoling Angelica, who's on timeout," read the caption that accompanied the clip, along with the hashtag "#almosthuman."

Indeed, Toby offers his pal a supportive arm and some cheerful chitter. When all else fails to lift her spirits, he even goes in for some cozy head scratches. Clearly, he knows what he's doing.

If you're having a tough day — and you don't have a Toby around to offer a helping hand — just watch the clip and let the cuteness send your troubles away.

And if that's not enough of a cute fix for you, don't despair. There's much more where that came from. The foundation offers a treasure trove of too-twee-to-be-believed scenes, like this one of a curious Yorkshire terrier coming face-to-face with the terror that is a baby tiger.

The still shots are just as good as the clips.


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