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Baby gorilla recovering at Lincoln Park Zoo


Nayembi, the 3-month-old Lincoln Park Zoo gorilla who was attacked by another ape, is recovering from reconstructive surgery at the zoo's hospital.

Animal Care and veterinary experts at Lincoln Park Zoo called her recovery remarkable.

“We have passed through a critical stage. She’s vigorous and playful – playing 4 to 5 hours per day and getting a lot of sleep as all infants should,” said Megan Ross from the zoo's animal care department.

Officials at the zoo acted quickly after Nayembi was attacked, Ross said.

"That's main reason she's doing so well, got her into surgery quickly," she said.

Nayembi is under 24 hour clinical, and nurturing human care at Lincoln Park.

Kathyrn Gamble, a vet at the zoo, said Nayembi will need more medical treatment over the next several months, but her injuries are healing.

Nayembi’s mother, Rollie and the band of gorillas are also successfully recovering from the incident.