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11 pet products proudly made in America

DERMagic Skin Care / Today
DERMagic Skin Care proudly displays this American flag-themed paw print on their products to show they were made in America.

Americans are set to spend more than $52 billion on their pets this year — that’s more than on toys, candy and jewelry combined, according to the American Pet Products Association. In doing so, pet owners are seeking out the best products that money can buy for their furry companions.

As part of our Made in America series, we are showcasing pet-centric companies that were born and bred in this country and remain fiercely territorial, ensuring their paw prints remained firmly entrenched on home turf.

Around the Collar / Today
Help your pet look good with these stylish collars.

Stylish accessories for pet fashionistas

In the pet world, bling and stylish accessories never go out of style. Around the Collar's custom-dyed and handmade leather collars with matching leashes and harnesses feature a wide variety of designs, from Swarovski-studded butterflies and flowers to spikes and studs with solid brass hardware to ensure they never fall off. Your cat and dogs can even have matching collars. The cat versions are manufactured with safety elastic.

“A good quality collar can last a lifetime. It’s like investing in a classic handbag. We believe that old-fashioned craftsmanship never goes out of style,” pet accessory designer Sharon Romero told Her husband, Lalo, oversees everything at their workshop on Long Island, N.Y. ($50 to $200,

Catty Stacks / Today
Give your cat the perfect stimulation with these American-made boxes.

Cat amusement playgrounds

All cats love boxes. Catty Stacks is the ultimate eco-friendly amusement center for felines made from industrial-strength, recycled, corrugated Ultraboard, which is colored with non-toxic vegetable-based inks. The boxes link to each other to form a stable structure and can be easily moved and rearranged, helping kitty stay interested. They are ideal for indoor cats that need both mental and physical stimulation. The boxes are available in five popular decorating colors to match the interior design of any room. 

According to the company’s Chief Stacks Officer, Frank Callari, the product is made in California and the company employs Americans with disabilities. ($14.99 per box,

Planet Dog / Today
Have a ball with your dog!

Let’s play ball

To a dog, happiness is an indestructible ball to play endless games of fetch. Planet Dog's Orbee-Tuff™ Orbee Ball, made from a patented thermoplastic elastomer material, has won many awards and is manufactured in the company’s Massachusetts and New York factories. Further, all leftover materials from the manufacturing process are used to create new toys, namely the company’s Orbee-Tuff RecycleBALLs.

"We are proud to offer dog lovers durable, non-toxic, eco-friendly and 100 percent-guaranteed toys that are made in the USA," Stephanie Volo, Planet Dog's top dog, told "We are an active participant in a number of consortiums working to strengthen the US manufacturing sector and provide more jobs for American workers.”

The company's Orbee-Tuff products, treats, all-natural groom line, and Shammy are made in the USA. Only their hemp products are sourced and produced in China, under strict supervision.

The company also donates 2 percent of every purchase to their nonprofit organization, the Planet Dog Foundation, to lend a paw to canine service programs across the country and help fund the training, placement and support of dogs helping people in need. (Available in different sizes from $6.96,

Pet Tree Houses / Today
Let your cat explore their wild side with these trees.

Treehouse fun

Cats in the wild love to climb trees and survey their world, so of course indoor kitties enjoy high places too! Consequently, tall kitty condos are an excellent way to reduce stress and give cats space and privacy, mimicking what they would enjoy in the wild.

Pet Tree Houses designed by Shelley and Joe DelRocco in Sanford, Florida are all hand-crafted in the USA, integrating all the platforms around one main, uncut trunk, allowing the "flex" in the trees to keep them from tipping over while in use. Pet trees can be custom-designed to complement the interior design of your home.

“It takes a great deal of skill and craftsmanship to produce a tree like ours, and we are keeping the knowhow proudly here in the USA,” said Joe DelRocco (starting at $249,

Greenfeather Bird Supply Company / Today
Even the little guys want products made in the USA!

Toss toys for critters 

Guinea pigs, rabbits and other small critters also benefit from functional, interactive treat toys that keep them engaged. All the toys manufactured by the Greenfeather Bird Supply Company in West Hartford, Conn., are handmade from sustainable and renewable resources that are also certified organic and made in the USA. In keeping with the name, the company also makes a variety of toys for birds, too.

“Using local material means I have better quality control and peace of mind knowing that they are pesticide-free and offer small animals and birds something really healthy as well as fun,” said Dena Tucker, the company’s president and founder.

Typical materials used include organic apple wood chunks; natural pine cones filled with pine nuts; bamboo sticks, and hardwood beads. The toys are designed to encourage exploring and foraging and nesting. ($4.00 and up,

Kong Company / Today
Help your dog cool off with these healthy, frozen treats.

Celebrate the dog days of summer

This is National Ice Cream month, and your pooch can celebrate this event with a healthy frozen treat. The Easy Freeze Treat kit from the Kong Company comprises a special Kong-shaped freezer tray and a bag of all-natural treat mix. Flavors include chicken soup, white cheddar cheese, juicy apple, and sweet potato and maple. 

Kong was founded in 1976 in Golden, Colo., by Joe Markham, who was looking for an indestructible toy to prevent his dog Fritz from chewing on rocks. The result was the company’s classic Kong toy, which is currently exported to 63 countries and recommended to owners looking to keep their pets stimulated.

"We are committed to quality; everything we make is the absolute best it can be without any corners cut, ever,” said KD Frueh, president of Kong. “From the beginning we have enjoyed great support from around the USA, and it’s a chief priority of ours to give back to this community.”

The company also salutes military dogs serving overseas by sending them toy packages. (Available at Petco. Contact the company at for information about other retailers nationwide. The kits are available in two sizes at $11.99 and the treat mix is also available separately).

Loving Pets / Today
Hurrah for treats made in the USA!

Grill-icious and Barksters treats

Yes, dogs like to snack too, especially when they are curled up on the couch with you or enjoying family fun around the barbecue.

Grill-icious treats in turkey, chicken and beef flavors from Loving Pets are made in their New Jersey factory from 100 percent all-natural USA-sourced ingredients. With fun grill markings on them to look as if they are hot off the barbecue, they also contain antioxidant-rich sweet potato and are baked to sear in the all-natural flavor. They are soy-free, gluten-free and have no additives or preservatives.  

Barksters are the doggie equivalent of chips. They are air-popped, gluten-free, and have only 11 calories per treat. Flavors include brown rice, sweet potato and alfalfa mixed with beef, chicken or liver.

“Calorie-conscious pet parents can nibble on them,” said president Eric Abbey. “We take pet health very seriously and what’s good for them is good for their pet parents too!” (Barksters start at $6.99, Grill-icious treats are available in different size packs starting with a 4-oz bag at $7.99,

Evanger's Dog Food / Today
Yum! Nothing tastes better than American-made dog food.

Dinner is served

Evanger's, the only family-owned and operated pet food cannery in the United States, and is headquartered outside of Chicago. The company is committed to supporting local farmers, and 90 percent of their ingredients are sourced within a 50-mile radius of their plant. The ingredients are then transported to the factory with their own fleet or trucks and processed within 24 hours of being sourced.

The comprehensive range of cat and dog products do not contain any byproducts, soy, corn, or wheat. They are also gluten-free and kosher for Passover for Jewish pets. The canned foods are hand-packed into the cans at the factory and available in a variety of flavors along with a comprehensive range of dry foods. (prices vary according to size of bags and cans,

West Paw Design / Today
Spoil your pets with these comfy beds.

Snooze time

West Paw Design's dog and cat beds are manufactured from fabrics and filling created from recycled plastic bottles and hand-sewn in Bozeman, Mont.

“We are committed to helping grow our local economy by creating jobs and employing local talent to ensure every product is made with great attention to detail,” president Spencer Williams told

The popular bumper bed design is available in a variety of fun styles and color combinations that can be mixed and matched to blend with any interior design color scheme. Spoil your pet and place them in different rooms in the home. (Available in different sizes and priced upwards from $66,

Whether your pet gets a scrape while at the beach or just a nick from grooming, these products can help.

First aid for pets

Pets, just like kids, often suffer minor cuts and scrapes around the home or when out and about. Dr. Emmo’s Pet First Aid is a range of products designed to take care of these everyday situations. Based on human technology to fight bacteria viruses and fungi pathogens, the products are developed by Nevoa Life Sciences and manufactured in Scottsdale, Ariz.

The Wound Care Wash works in conjunction with the Wound Care Spray Gel, working to thoroughly rinse, remove and eliminate bacteria in all minor pet wounds. The Wound Care Gel continues to clean and protect the injury throughout the healing process. The antimicrobial Ear Care Rinse breaks down and removes wax, debris, and irritants from the ear canal and can help prevent ear infections and related problems. ($12.99,

DERMagic Skin Care / Today
Treat multiple skin conditions with these products made in America.

Beauty done right

DERMagic Skin Care for Animals, based in Seattle, was founded by organic chemist Adelia Ritchie in 2006. The company proudly displays its American loyalty with a special paw-shaped logo on its products. Their shampoos, soap bars, salves and lotions are designed to treat hot spots, scaly skin, flea allergies, dermatitis, and dry skin.

“When we started our business, it was very tempting to produce products offshore because it was so much cheaper. However, by manufacturing in the USA we are reducing our carbon footprint, and it also allows us to stand by by our guarantee that if used correctly, our products do work," said Ritchie. (The Dermagic System is sold in kits starting at $34.95. Products are also sold separately,

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    11 American dog breeds

    Even the Labrador retriever, known to many as the quintessential, all-American dog, is actually a Canadian breed. But there are a several popular dog breeds that are known for being "made in the USA."

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    11 truly American dog breeds

    We've fallen in love with shepherds from Germany, cattle dogs from Australia, setters from Ireland and water dogs from Portugal. Even the Labrador retriever, known to many as the quintessential, all-American dog, is actually a Canadian breed. But there are a several popular dog breeds that are known for being "made in the USA." They hail from the mountains of North Carolina, the frozen terrain of Alaska and the bustling city streets of Massachusetts. In honor of Independence Day week, brings you 11 truly American dog breeds. Northwestern explorer: Alaskan Malamute This canine fur-factory is, as his name implies, native to the 49th state. His ancestors helped the nomadic early Eskimos transport their sleds and goods across the snowy, barren landscape. The Alaskan Malamute thrived and became valuable during the Alaska Gold Rush in 1896, when miners paid sky-high prices for sleds and dog teams.

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  • 11 American dog breeds


    Farmland favorite: rat terrier

    The sturdy rat terrier was bred to be an all-purpose American farm dog whose job it was to kill rats and other vermin and hunt small game. His ancestry is a melting pot of breeds — Whippet and Italian Greyhound blood added speed, while the beagle brought in scenting ability and a pack mentality. President Theodore Roosevelt was a fan of rat terriers, and they were among the many pets he and his family brought to the White House.

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    Frontier beauty: American Eskimo

    This fluffy white canine, sometimes referred to as "The Dog Beautiful," was developed by nineteenth-century German immigrants to the United States. She was created from German Spitz and Italian Spitz varieties, so it's no surprise that early breeders called her the American Spitz. In 1917, she took on the name American Eskimo dog, or Eskie for short.

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  • 11 American dog breeds


    New England adventurer: Chinook

    This rare breed of sled dog got his start when musher Arthur Treadwell Walden of Wonalancet, New Hampshire, bred a farm dog of unknown heritage with a “northern” husky, producing a litter of puppies with tawny coats. One of those pups was named Chinook, and he accompanied Admiral Richard Byrd (and 15 other Chinooks) on a 1927 expedition to Antarctica.

    Flickr / Flickr
  • 11 American dog breeds


    Society favorite: American Staffordshire terrier / American pit bull terrier

    American Staffordshire terriers and American pit bull terriers are the two main breeds usually referred to as “pit bulls.” The dogs were popular with wealthy Americans and prominent politicians who bet on them at dog fights. They were equally popular with farmers and families, who loved them for their ratting skills and companionship. One Staffordshire named Sergeant Stubby was a World War I hero and the most decorated dog in American military history. In addition, Petey from The Little Rascals and Buster Brown's dog Tige were both pit bulls.

    Animal Photography / Animal Photography
  • 11 American dog breeds


    Midwestern mystery:American water spaniel

    The American water spaniel’s origins are a mystery, but he may well be a descendant of the now-extinct English water spaniel, which is known to have been brought to America. The AWS was developed in the mid-19th century in the Wolf and Fox River Valley region of Wisconsin. After World War II, interest in the dogs waned, but Dr. Fred J. Pfeiffer singlehandedly brought them back, primarily by promoting the dogs as "distinctively an American production." The American water spaniel is now the official state dog of Wisconsin.

    Animal Photography / Animal Photography
  • 11 American dog breeds


    New England gentleman: Boston terrier

    This fun little dog is, of course, a product of Beantown. His ancestors were probably crosses between Bulldogs and the now-extinct white English terrier, but the modern Boston terrier is USA through and through — so much so that the dapper, tuxedo-wearing pup is nicknamed the "American Gentleman."

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  • 11 American dog breeds


    Mid-Atlantic hunter: Chesapeake Bay retriever

    When a British brig wrecked off the coast of Maryland in 1807, two Newfoundland dogs were rescued. The canines, named Sailor and Canton, had excellent abilities as retrievers. People in the area bred them to local dogs, and they became the ancestors of today's Chesapeake Bay retriever. This hunting dog is ready and willing to brace the rough, icy chop of the Chesapeake Bay, and she's capable of retrieving 100 to 200 ducks a day.

    Animal Photography / Animal Photography
  • 11 American dog breeds


    Southern scout: Plott hound

    The mountains of western North Carolina are the birthplace of the Plott hound, who was bred to hunt, drive livestock and protect the home. His ancestors were five bloodhounds who accompanied German immigrant Johannes Georg Plott to America in 1750. The Plott has been North Carolina's official state dog since 1989.

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  • 11 American dog breeds


    Fearless farmer's helper: Toy fox terrier

    First known as a little farm dog, the agile toy fox terrier protected American barns and granaries from rats and other small vermin. Her ancestors were smooth fox terriers, with some Chihuahua and Manchester terrier mixed in, but this clever pup can proudly claim to be "made in the USA."

    Animal Photography / Animal Photography
  • 11 American dog breeds


    Southern charmer: Redbone coonhound

    The beautiful Redbone coonhound is known for his dark, rich, mahogany-red coat. Colonial settlers from Scotland and Ireland brought red hounds with them to the United States, and those dogs are the ancestors of the Redbone. George E.L. Birdsong, a famous foxhunter and dog breeder from Georgia, did the most to develop the breed, which was just recognized by the American Kennel Club in 2009.

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