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Watch these kids try to explain to Jimmy Fallon what their parents do for work

The "Tonight Show" host sat down with kids and their parents for a segment in honor of "Take Your Kids to Work" day.
/ Source: TODAY

Do children really know what their parents do all day to put a roof over their heads?

Apparently not the kids who spoke with Jimmy Fallon.

In honor of Thursday’s "Take Your Child to Work Day," the “Tonight Show” host asked a handful of kids about the jobs their parents have.

“He cleans,” was the guess of a young girl when asked what her dad does for work. In reality, he's the warranty manager at a car dealership.

Another child knew his mom worked for a “branding company,” but was fuzzy with any facts beyond that.

“She works, then after, she gets a little grumpy,” he offered. But he had some insight into his mom’s least favorite part of the job: “Having to agree with all of the clients.”

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Two young sisters couldn’t agree on what their dad, a creative director at a record label, does. “Work on the computer,” one girl guessed. The other flat out declared, “I have no idea.”

The children had an easier time answering Fallon when he asked them what they'd like to do for a living when they grow up.

“I want to be a superhero, a mermaid, a rock star, a ninja, a zookeeper, and a doctor, and a mommy,” one young girl replied.

Ah, didn’t we all at that age?