What people without kids just don't know

Jeff Roy/Youtube / Today
Michael McIntyre -- Viral Video: People With No Kids Don't Know

People with children know something that the childfree do not: Life is more difficult with kids, and unless you have them, despite what you imagine, you just don't know what it’s really like.

That's why British stand-up comedian Michael McIntyre's take on parenthood (which we're pretty much watching on repeat) has us rolling with laughter. One of the first—and most true—things he wants people who don't have kids to know: "Things that you don't even consider to be 'things' will become nearly impossible. Things like...leaving the house."  

It would be rude of us to tell our childfree friends that they're kinda clueless, so we're glad that McIntyre (hilariously) does it for us. Listen, laugh ... and take comfort in the fact that you're not the only one whose kids can never find their shoes.

Jessica Dukes is a working mom of two. You can find her, Google+ on Twitter and Pinterest.

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