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Turtle Mail: The kid's toy that lets kids enjoy the excitement of US postal mail

A new toy called Turtle Mail helps digital-savy youngsters take a break from the iPad and TV to learn the excitement that is receiving a letter.
/ Source: TODAY

Signed, sealed, delivered — it's your kids' mail!

That's right, thanks to a new toy, Turtle Mail, digital-savvy youngsters can take a break from the iPad and TV to learn the exhilaration of getting a letter in the mail.

The toy itself is a small wooden mailbox that connects to Wi-Fi and prints messages from friends and family.

Parents, relatives and friends can send a note of their choice from the company's web or desktop app. (There's no mobile app, but the web app can be accessed on mobile devices.)

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And the letters don't only have to be from mom and dad.

One feature allows the toy to send letters from famous characters like Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy or custom ones from your kid's favorite stuffed animal or action figure.

Turtle Mail was created by Alysia Finger and her partner, Albert Niko Triulzi, while they were students at Carnegie Melon University.

The couple had noticed that all the toys gifted to their then-1-year-old daughter involved screen time.

As Finger told WIRED, the idea for making snail mail great again was born as more parents and caregivers told her “they were exhausted with screen time, apps, and video games."

"They were all very reluctant to add another screen-time activity to their children’s day, and many expressed how hard it was to get their kids off of computers and tablets," Finger said.

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Possibly our favorite perk? Turtle Mail only receives messages, and does so from the comfort of your own home, meaning no waiting in the post office.