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Meet the 6-year-old boy behind the viral ABC 'career rap'

Sam White, who learned to read at age 2, wants to be an architect.
/ Source: TODAY

One 6-year-old in Memphis, Tennessee, has a very bright future ahead of him.

In a video that has gone viral on Facebook with more than 225,000 shares, Sam White raps about possible career opportunities for each letter of the alphabet.

From gastroenterologist to intelligence officer, Sam sings about what each occupation entails. Sample lyrics: "You can be an 'L' you can be a lawyer, cause people need to know their rights. You can be an 'M' mobile app developer like the people that made Fornite."

The first grader’s dad, Bobby White, who co-wrote "You Can Be ABCs," is seen dancing along in the background.

“I want Sam to know about all the amazing opportunities that are out there waiting for him,” Bobby TODAY Parents. “Kids learning early on to be passionate about careers sets them up to do better in school because they are working toward something.”

At the moment, Sam, a Lego whiz, has his sights set on a degree in architecture.

“I like to build,” Sam explained. But he’s also open to becoming a governor or President of the United States.

You can expect to hear more music from Sam, who learned to read when he was 2.

“He doesn’t watch television except on Fridays when we have our movie night,” Sam’s mom, Stephanie White, revealed. “So he’s always doing creative things.”

Comments — more than 16,000 — continue to pour in on Bobby’s Facebook page, all praising Sam.

“Unbelievably motivating awesomeness!” wrote one fan.

Added another, “Every elementary school teacher needs to see this.”