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By Rebecca Dube

When my son was born, I truly believed he was the most beautiful baby, ever.

A face only a mother could love? No joke: As a new mom I wholeheartedly believed this wrinkled little alien baby face was the most gorgeous sight on the planet, to the extent that I actually thought other moms would be jealous.Today

Every mom thinks that, but I may have taken it to the extreme. I remember lying in my hospital bed and actually feeling sorry for the other women on the maternity ward, because clearly my child was so much more gorgeous than any other baby on the planet. I seriously spent valuable minutes worrying about how bad they must feel.

Wow, post-partum bonding hormones are really something, aren't they?

Don't get me wrong -- my son was, and is, adorable. But looking back on the photos of his newborn days with a slightly more objective eye, I have to acknowledge that he looked pretty much like every other newborn: Like a wrinkly, skinny, slightly annoyed little alien.

No doubt there's an evolutionary biology explanation for my new-baby goggles (the equivalent of beer goggles for a woman who hasn't had a drink in nine months). In prehistoric times, women who thought their babies were amazingly beautiful may have been a little more attentive and a little less likely to feed a crying baby to a saber-toothed tiger. Thus, children of mothers with the beautiful-baby delusion would be more likely to survive and pass on their delusional DNA. Call it survival of the cutest.

All of this is to say that when you check out TODAY Moms' new Baby of the Week feature -- and I hope you will -- don't worry, it's not a contest. After all, every mom knows her baby is the cutest, so there's really no contest, is there? It is, however, a way to celebrate all your beautiful babies. And for those of us whose children have outgrown the baby days, it's a way to get our cuteness fix!

So please, go and submit your photos; you could even win a gift from our sponsor. But the biggest prize of all is our beautiful children, and in that regard, we're all winners.