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'Snow, it's me': Teacher's hilarious Adele parody asks for a day off

/ Source: TODAY

Third grade teacher Mary Morris from Strawberry Plains, Tennessee, really wants a snow day — "or two or maybe 23."

Morris released "Snow," her oh-so-relatable parody of Adele's "Hello" on Jan. 5. On Thursday, as snowstorms began threatening the East Coast, she released the impeccably well-timed music video of her parody, complete with her own version of Adele's now-iconic getup of a fur coat and oversized sunglasses.

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As the video opens, Morris sulks into her school's hallway, sighs and addresses the weather. "Snow, it's me," she sings, "I know we just got out for Christmas/ But I'm ready for some more time/ To myself, you see/ So if you could come a day or two or maybe 23."

She continues, "We need a snow day, tomorrow." But Morris isn't picky, compromising, "Or at least a good delay."

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Morris's plea isn't without reason. She rationalizes, "If it has to be so cold/ The least that it can do is snow/ If I have to keep my students inside/ One more time, for recess, I'm gonna lose my mind," a sentiment anyone cooped up inside with "antsy" third graders (or even antsy adult colleagues) can probably relate to.

Morris continues to sing what's on all of our minds: "I love it when I get the call/ That I don't have to work at all/ That I don't have to work at all I can stay in bed/ Watch Netflix all day/ I can even spend it in my PJs/ If I want."

Looks like the snow's been listening to Morris' cry. East Coasters, as you prepare for the storms heading your way, remember that it's not all bad — you'll have plenty of time to watch Netflix in your PJs!

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