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See the 21 funniest parents of 2021

A toast to the moms and dads who made us laugh out loud this year.
But really, what is the hold up?
But really, what is the hold up?@lmegordon/ Twitter
/ Source: TODAY

Whether it was navigating homeschooling or trying to answer the dreaded call of "I'm bored" from complaining kids, parents everywhere deserve an award for persevering through 2021.

This year's funniest moms and dads prove you’re not in this parenting gig alone.

Pull up a chair and relax, because the weekend’s almost here and it’s time to laugh our way into the new year.

1. We remember these days.

2. Everyone knows group projects are the worst.

3. Facts.

4. Don't forget the ketchup.

5. So draining...

6. Only the necessities.

7. BRB, finding my sanity.

8. When dinosaurs walked the Earth.

9. The longest time.

10. Goodbye!

11. Better late than never.

12. No such thing as sick days.

13. Follow for more pro tips.

14. Vacationing with kids is called a trip.

15. Same.

16. The tribe has spoken.

17. RIP.

18. A dad's job is never done.

19. Ugh.

20. Consider this your warning.

21. Well...