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This growth chart is delicious! Dad uses cheesesteaks to measure son's progress

Philadelphia dad Brad Williams compared his newborn to one of the city's famous cheesesteaks and began a tradition that has grown along with his son Lucas.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Like true Philadelphians, Brad and April Williams have an important relationship with cheesesteaks. In fact, when their son Lucas was just 2 weeks old, the couple ordered takeout one evening, and Brad couldn't help but notice that his sandwich was about the same length as their new baby.

Of course, the web developer took a picture of Lucas with the cheesesteak and posted it online. "Everyone loved it and the feedback was amazing, so we decided to make a monthly tradition out of it," Brad, 37, told TODAY Parents.

Lucas Williams was just 2 weeks old when his father, Brad, noticed that he was just about the same length as a Philadelphia cheesesteak and a tradition was born.Brad Williams

The tiny baby who was once only just a teeny bit longer than a sandwich is now a 2-year-old who, in true toddler fashion, refuses to hold the cheesesteaks for pictures. But his parents' unique and delicious way of tracking his growth still delights the internet: Lucas now has both a national and international following.

At 9 months old, Lucas Williams was starting to dwarf his dad's cheesesteak.Brad Williams

"It's absolutely unreal. Germany is now calling Lucas 'das Sandwich Baby,' and I think that's hilarious!" said Brad. "Lucas doesn't totally understand what is going on yet, but in a few years this will be so great for him to look back on."

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The family favors the sandwiches from Dalessandro’s Steaks in Philadelphia, but they have been known to order from places more local to their house as well. Lucas had his first bite of cheesesteak on his first birthday. "He really liked it!" reports Brad.

Now 2 years old, Lucas Williams refuses to pose with a cheesesteak, because toddlers. Brad Williams

Brad said he and his wife are enjoying the enthusiastic response to their quirky tradition. "It's amazing to think my son's picture is all over the world right now, and we're putting smiles on people's faces," he said. "We could all use more smiles, and Lucas couldn't agree more!"