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New Baby Basics: How to transition to solid food

Ready to take the plunge to solid food? Here are some mom- and pediatrician-approved tips to get you started.
/ Source: TODAY

Introducing your infant to solid foods can be a daunting process, but once you get a handle on it, it can take mealtime to a whole new level of fun.

But where to begin? In this installment of our "New Baby Basics" series, TODAY producer Patrice Poltzer answers your questions about the transition to solid foods from "When do I start?" to "Does everything need to be pureed?"

Check out her tips in this video:

Before you get started, make sure your infant can hold his or her head up. You'll also want to monitor your baby for signs of interest in solid food, such as putting objects into their mouth or watching you during meals.

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And Patrice's biggest piece of advice is the easiest to swallow.

"Just have fun feeding your baby," she says, whose toddler has already made the transition from mushed avocado to octopus tentacles. "Don't be afraid to give them new foods and expose them to anything and everything!"

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