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Watch mom-to-be Jordin Sparks grin with joy over hearing her baby's heartbeat

"How sweet the sound!"
/ Source: TODAY

Mom-to-be Jordin Sparks has bestowed us with many "awww!"-worthy Instagrams throughout her pregnancy. But her most recent one? You're in for so many feelings.

The 28-year-old "American Idol" alum, who is expecting her first child, a boy, with husband Dana Isaiah, posted an Instagram video Friday from a recent ultrasound appointment, and her reaction to hearing the baby's heartbeat says it all.

In it, Sparks' eyes are closed at first, her hand pressed over her mouth in anticipation.

“Okay, there it is,” the technician says once she identifies the baby's heartbeat. Sparks then gives a wide grin before covering her face with both hands.

“I’ve heard many beautiful noises & sounds in my short time on this earth but this… this is the ultimate,” the singer captioned the video. “How sweet the sound! Daddy and I love you so much Lil man. We’re ready for you when you are!”

We just can’t stop watching!

Sparks seems to be enjoying every step of this journey — at least if Instagram is any indication.

“I can feel myself changing in the best way possible,” she wrote on the platform in January. “I’m so grateful that I’m able to carry this little miracle. It’s so beautiful, makes me feel so powerful and I love my new curves!”

Sparks and Isaiah also both shared photos from a baby shower in February, celebrating their expanding family with loved ones (and a strong Instagram aesthetic).

Like the happy couple, we just can’t wait to meet the little one!