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Instagram series #weebabyVs shows tiny infant next to household items

This mom has been photographing her tiny baby next to common household items for an Instagram series called "Wee Baby Versus" or #weebabyVs.
/ Source: TODAY

Good things come in small packages — and wonderful things come in teeny-tiny packages. Take Alexandra, nicknamed Alex, for example, a 1-month old baby who was born July 8 at just five pounds and seven ounces. Her mother, Jen G., has been photographing baby Alex next to common household items for an Instagram series called “Wee Baby Versus” or #weebabyVs. And it’s crazy cute.

The pictures show an impossibly small baby beside a teddy bear, soccer ball, carton of eggs and other familiar objects that lend a comparative contrast to Alex’s itty-bitty form.

The photos become even more precious when you have a bit of backstory. Jen’s pregnancy had been complicated. Not only does she have a clotting disorder that requires her to be on blood thinners while pregnant, but she also had a circumvallate placenta, a rare complication that results in two sides of the placenta attaching to one another. At 37 weeks, Jen’s doctor decided to induce labor.

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“I was nervous to have her born earlier than we expected,” Jen said.

Jen got the idea for the series as soon as she brought Alex home from the hospital, a day that marked the end of a very stressful journey.

“On the first night we were home from the hospital, I set [Alex] down on the floor next to the bunk beds [and] she looked so ridiculously small there that the proportions of the room looked off, like someone had photoshopped a baby into the room and gotten the sizing wrong,” Jen says. “So I took a picture for my own amusement.”

Jen recreated the photo a few weeks later, and kept going from there, finding that just about everything looked absurdly big next to baby Alex.

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“I had the idea to take a picture of her next to a dollar bill, like people do for scale. I posted that one to my Instagram account and my friends liked it,” Jen said. “I also took a comparison shot of my older son on the changing table and posted it with Alex on the changing table. And it was just so fun that I kept looking around for ideas. My 6-year old daughter has gotten into it [too], and she comes up with a lot of the ideas for [the series].”

“Wee Baby Versus” has garnered sensational interest on Instagram, especially after the parenting site Babble wrote about it.

“I had somewhere between 400-500 followers before and now I have over 2,000, since the Babble piece launched,” Jen G. said.

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Naturally, the series cannot go on forever, as Alex is a healthy, growing baby.

“She's already gained two pounds since she was born and has gone from the second percentile [for weight] to the fifth.”

But until Alex is “normal baby-size,” Jen said she’ll keep up the adorable photo show.