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/ Source: TODAY
By Christina Poletto

The horrors of the ongoing Syrian civil war continue to unfold as images of dying children and grieving families remind people of the human cost in the six-year conflict.

Here's how you can help.

More than 5 million people have fled the country in the six years since the war began, and 6.3 million have become internally displaced, often to inaccessible areas of the country where aid and relief cannot reach. Young children make up a majority of the displaced population.

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In early April, a horrific chemical attack killed 100 people and injured 400 others.

It’s hard to look at these pictures and not want to help. Here are seven leading aid organizations that directly aid the families and children affected in Syria:

  1. The White Helmets: This rescue organization is made up entirely of dedicated local volunteers. When bombs fall, the White Helmets rush in to search for life in the rubble.
  2. Save the Children: This organization supplies food for Syrian children and supports education efforts in refugee camps across Syria.
  3. UN World Food Programme: This agency works to meet the pressing food needs of millions of displaced families across war-torn areas of the country.
  4. Mercy Corps: Clean water is desperately needed, along with sanitation services, shelter and food. Mercy Corps helps to provide these lifesaving essentials to those who need it most.
  5. International Rescue Committee: This organization helps people whose lives and livelihoods are shattered by conflict and disaster by providing services that lead to improvements in health, safety, education and economic well-being.
  6. UNICEF: Beyond providing fundamentals like clothes and shelter, this renowned humanitarian agency also provides health care solutions and safe drinking water.
  7. Doctors Without Borders: Made up of volunteer mobile medical teams, these doctors have no political agenda, and are present simply to provide medical aid to populations affected by conflict. As well, they distribute helpful, non-food item kits including hygiene kits, kitchen kits, winter kits, mattresses and more.

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To learn more about the crisis in Syria and to stay informed about the plight of refugees from the Middle East, follow the UN Refugee Agency.

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