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Chris Pratt and Anna Faris' son met the penguin he named for Woodland Park Zoo

/ Source: TODAY

If you thought nothing could be cuter than seeing little Jack Pratt pick out a name for a baby penguin while his movie-star parents sit by his side, well, think again!

Five months after Seattle's Woodland Park Zoo gave Chris Pratt and Anna Faris' son the chance to name their newest Humboldt penguin — now known as Eagle the Penguin — the tyke actually met the bird, and the photos reveal a double dose of adorable.

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Mom Faris shared the pics on Twitter, including one shot in which she described Jack's expression as "less adorable."

But we beg to differ. Even with his "penguins smell" face, that's one cute kid!

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Jack was very enthusiastic when it came to revealing the bird's name back in October.

Of course, mom and dad helped with him with that name.

"Chris and I grew up in Washington state, and we loved bald eagles," she explained at the time. "We thought that a penguin with the aspiration to fly might be really fun."

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