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We love, you need: The best high chairs of 2013. Which one should you buy?

From your baby's first bite of sweet potato puree to your toddler's fun with finger foods, you need a high chair that's sturdy, comfy, easy to clean, can grow with your child and -- let's be honest here -- not a total eyesore. Our parent testers and gear expert put 18 models to the test to help you find the best high chair for your baby. Now, who's hungry?Graco TableFit BEST BUDGET OPTIONExpert Ra

From your baby's first bite of sweet potato puree to your toddler's fun with finger foods, you need a high chair that's sturdy, comfy, easy to clean, can grow with your child and -- let's be honest here -- not a total eyesore. Our parent testers and gear expert put 18 models to the test to help you find the best high chair for your baby. Now, who's hungry?

Graco Table

Fit BEST BUDGET OPTIONExpert Rating:High Chair StatsWeight range: 6mo. up to 3 yrs/50 lbs.Chair weight: 21 lbs.Dimensions: 43H x 23"W x 34"D; folded - 26.18"H x 21.26"W x 11.62"DPrice: $99.99Get It Now: Amazon

Expert Review: The Graco TableFit may look like your standard, no frills plastic high chair, but it's got some features that make it stand out from the pack. An included infant seat pad and 3-position seat recline make this high chair ideal for beginning eaters, while the eight different height options mean your child join you at the table, no matter how high or low it is. Another highlight: the tray. The TableFit comes with a small, 5" x 14" snack tray as well as a large 19" x 10.5" tray which clips on top of the snack tray, has a built-in cup holder, a dishwasher-safe tray insert and three possible positions. The padded, plastic seat does a decent job of balancing comfort, style and cleanability. Two large, easy-to-access buttons fold the seat in half and it stands alone for convenient storage. At just over 20 lbs, the TableFit is lightweight and easy to move, and it showed no signs of tipping with our leaning toddler test.

Why we love it: large tray with built-in cup holder; compact fold up; stands on its own when folded; snack tray; seat recline

What we wish it had: a place to store the tray when high chair is folded

Great for: parents who need to fold up and store the high chair frequently; parents looking for an affordable high chair

Bottom line: An affordable plastic high chair with a good blend of features, comfort and compact folding.

Parent rating:"The high chair is so practical for everyday use! Not only does it move up and down to fit the height of the breakfast table or kitchen island, it also is able to lean back and forth in order to help with eating and drinking bottles.""This has to be one of the easiest high chairs to clean -- there's a snack tray underneath which acts as a tummy harness and then a top tray with another tray that disassembles to clean after snacking. The seat is wipeable and machine washable and the tray itself is able to be cleaned in the dishwasher for very easy cleanup."

"It's super price friendly -- this is a useful high chair that won't blow your budget."

-- Eileen and her 8-month-old, from Delray Beach, FL

Oxo Tot Sprout

Expert Rating:

High Chair StatsWeight range: 6 months up to 5 yearsChair weight: 18 lbs.Dimensions: 37"H x 24.25"D x 19"WPrice: $250Get It Now: Giggle 

Expert Review: The award-winning OXO Sprout is a sleek and modern high chair for kids 6 months up to 5 years. The two-piece plastic seat comes with a back and seat pad that attach via Velcro. The seat height and footrest are adjustable, but a unique feature of the Sprout is the ability to adjust the seat depth to help you find the perfect fit for your child. Babies over 6 months are held securely with a 5-point harness, adjustable tray and crotch post. For children over 3, you can remove the tray, harness and crotch post to turn the Sprout into a youth chair. There's even a separate, included seat pad to swap in that fits the seat without the crotch post. The 17.5" x 8.5" tray doesn't include a liner, which means you'll need to remove the whole thing for cleaning. Fortunately the tray removes easily one-handed and while it's not dishwasher-safe, it can be wiped down. As for cleaning the seat, the pad comes up the sides of the base, which keeps most crumbs from sneaking under the pad -- but it can still be a bit tedious to clean after every meal. The nylon harness straps are removable for cleaning, but the crotch strap is not. With a top weight limit of 60 lbs., the Sprout has a shorter use span than other wooden high chairs that can often hold over 200 lbs. But if at some point you're planning on moving your 5-year-old to a regular chair, this really isn't an issue.

Why we love it: height and depth adjustment for seat; grows with child; blends into kitchen; small foot print; removable crotch post

What we wish it had: tray liner; deeper lip for tray; easier cleaning; seat recline option; ability to fold 

Great for: a blend of a comfortable seat for baby and a modern look for parents; one high chair to grow with your child

Bottom line: The OXO Sprout has a shorter use span than other wooden high chairs that can often hold over 200 lbs, but the Sprout excels in blending a comfortable, adjustable seat for baby with a slim, modern look for parents.

Parent rating:

"This high chair is modern, sleek and stylish. We don't have a place to store it in our apartment, so it sits out in the dining area and it looks good. I'm not embarrassed to have it out in the open!"

"I wish someone would design straps that are easier to clean and easier to safely remove -- I'm not sure how to remove the crotch strap on this chair, and it's already getting kind of gross."

"The tray is great; it's not as large as some other high chair models, but it's big enough for our needs. It wipes clean easily and it slides on and off smoothly -- with one hand."

"It's super compact! I love that it has a smaller footprint than many other high chair models."

"I like the fact that the cushions are BPA-, phthalate- and PVC-free."

-- Erika and her 19-month-old, from Jackson Heights, NY

Keekaroo Height Right

Expert Rating:

High Chair StatsWeight range: 6 months up to 250 lbs.Chair weight: 14.5 lbs.Dimensions: 33.5"H x 17.75"W x 21.5"DPrice: $190 Get It Now: Keekaroo

Expert Review: The Keekaroo Height Right high chair offers an affordable solution for parents looking for a wooden high chair with ample comfort, adjustability and a long life of use. But be warned -- the Keekaroo takes a lot of assembly! Once its put together, the wooden frame is sturdy, sleek and can hold an infant from about 6 months of age up to a 250 lb. adult. Available in three packages (just the chair, with a fabric seat cover and tray, or with a tray and foam infant cushion), the Keekaroo is versatile and looks gorgeous in any kitchen. It has 14 slot options to adjust the seat and footrest as well as a BPA-free, latex-free, easy cleaning, peel- and tear-resistant seat cushion available in seven colors. The tray and corresponding cover are on the smaller side (17.5"x7"), but the cover is both dishwasher-safe and BPA-free.

Why we love it: long range of use; 14 levels of height and footrest adjustment; environmentally friendly wood and finish; affordable wood high chair; super padded infant insert

What we wish it had: shorter assembly time; slightly larger tray; one-handed tray removal

Great for: parents looking for am affordable wood high chair; a chair to grow with your child; a chair made in the U.S.A.

Bottom line: An affordable wood high chair that looks great and can grow with your child from infant to adulthood

Parent rating:

"The primary seat is a flat wooden board. There's also a cushioned infant seat attachment, which is suggested for children 6 months to 3 years. It looks comfortable, though my 2-year-old daughter preferred the normal seat."

"Adjusting the chair is easy in theory, but I struggled with it. The addition of the infant seat was difficult. The video on the manufacturer's website was helpful, but I felt like I needed extra hands. In the end I was able to get a good fit. If I had help, it would have been quicker."

"The chair is easy to clean but the straps don't easily come off -- they're screwed on. The tray has a cover that wipes clean very easily."

"The tray is a bit of a challenge to get on and off. Putting it in place requires two hands, and taking it off is even more awkward. It would be great if it was able to be removed with only one hand. The tray has a removable cover that is super easy to wipe clean -- definitely a plus. The tray is slender so it fits my kid's dishes but is too small for some adult dishes."

"I would suggest this chair for a family who is trying to teach their child to be independent. The chair is also good for someone who likes to keep their kitchen looking clean and doesn't want all of the bright colors that come with most baby gear. However, if you want it to stand out, you can get a brightly colored infant seat. We went got the chocolate color and it looks great!"  

-- Katie and her 2-year-old, from Santa Rosa, CA

Joovy Nook

Expert RatingHigh Chair StatsWeight range: 6 months up to 50 lbs.Chair weight: 15 lbs.Dimensions: 43" H x 28" D x 24.5" W; folded - 28"H x 9.5"D x 24.5"WPrice: $130Get It Now: Right Start 

Expert Review: One of the best aspects of the Joovy Nook is noticable as soon as you open the box: there's no assembly required! None! Just pop open the frame and the seat, cushion, tray and footrest are all attached. The cushioned leatherette seat is available in machine-washable black, white, orange and green. The medium-sized tray (18" x 8") has only one position, but it does swing open from one side, making it easier for getting a child in and out or for letting older children get in on their own. The tray has a built-in cup holder that can be used with or without the dishwasher-safe tray topper. The Nook can't be used without a tray and offers no seat recline or height adjustment. What it does have is an amazing one-handed, one-step fold which quickly and effortlessly folds the seat in half, leaving it free-standing and easy to pick up with the carry handle.

Why we love it: one-hand, one-step fold; no assembly; swing-open tray

What we wish it had: height and seat adjustments; non-skid feet

Great for: parents who will be opening and closing the high chair daily; giving older children the independence of getting in and out on their own

Bottom line: The Joovy Nook offers few adjustments, but is a definite winner for parents needing a fast and simple method for folding up the high chair

Parent rating:

"The Joovy Nook is sleek and modern in a utilitarian kind of way. I love the color palette -- just silver and white. I've got enough jungle-patterned baby gear, so it's nice to have an adult-looking high chair."

"The leatherette material is surprisingly easy to clean. I got the white seat, and my daughter was eating carrots -- cringe! -- but a warm washcloth wiped her messy fingerprints right off. The material is non-porous, so nothing was absorbed."

"I love that the tray swings open but still stays attached to the chair. I considered other chairs with removable trays, but often found myself wondering where the heck would I put it when it was covered in food and the baby was screaming."

"One downside: You can't push the tray closer to the baby, and the gap between tray is pretty substantial for us right now with a 5-month-old. This means food tends to fall on the seat fabric and the harness straps."

"There isn't any adjusting with this high chair -- the seat doesn't go up or down and it doesn't recline."

"The fold is super easy. Just a push of a button behind the top of the headrest, and the chair collapses in half. The fact that this high chair is so compact and folds flat is a huge selling point for me. I'm able to easily store it in a coat closet and it barely takes up any room. Plus, there's a carry handle, which makes it easy to transport from place to place."

-- Courtney and her 5-month-old, from Brooklyn, NY

Nuna Zaaz

Expert Rating:

High Chair StatsWeight range: 6mo. up to 220 lbs.Chair weight: 22 lbs. Dimensions: 34.3"H x 17.7"W x 22.8"DPrice: $259Get It Now: Magic Beans

Expert Review: The straight lines and sleek profile of the Zaaz high chair, a 2013 European import from Nuna, make it a great choice for design-conscious parents with modern kitchen décor. With a simple flip of the footrest, the high chair can adjust 2.5" and comes with an extra thick seat pad for added comfort. This is the only plastic seat in our round-up that can transform from a baby high chair to a toddler chair (minus the tray) to an adult chair (it can hold up to 220 lbs.). The Zaaz has a few more crevices than the Boon Flair, but is still easy to wipe down. The convertible 5- or 3-point harness helps keep baby safe, but all five straps come apart every time you unlatch it making it a two-handed hassle to buckle up. Our only major beef is the tray. At 13" x 7.5" it's on the smaller side, and it offers just one position, which is more than 10" from the seat back and left our tester's lap covered with drips and crumbs. Still, the Nuna Zaaz is good-looking enough to make us overlook that; we'll just teach our toddler to put a napkin in his lap a bit earlier than anticipated.

Why we love it: convertible from an infant high chair to an adult chair; sleek, modern look; easy to keep clean; neutral color palette; unique square frame

What we wish it had: adjustable tray positions; simpler harness; cut-out on the back for easier carrying/moving; larger footrest

Great for: parents looking for a modern high chair to blend into their kitchen décor; one chair to grow with your child from infancy to teen years

Bottom line: The style and shape of the Nuna Zaaz help it blend seamlessly into your kitchen, while the features will keep parent and baby happy. We just hope they add an adjustable tray with their next version.

Parent rating:

"The high chair seat has a foam-like cushion that lines the area where the child sits that is slip resistant and comfy. The easily adjustable height, tray and buckle all helped secure my son, while keeping him comfortable (even when he squirmed)."

"This high chair is very easy to clean. The fact that the rubber lining of the seat is removable makes it easy to clean even if food falls between the pad and the base of the chair."

"The seat is designed to grow with your child from high chair stage to eventually becoming a 'toddler' chair. The adjustments are easy to make, although in order to disassemble you need a key which is a concern in case the key gets misplaced. Thankfully, the manufacturer includes multiple keys!"

"This is a very beautiful high chair -- it looks like a nice piece of furniture! It's not bulky, and doesn't take up too much space."

"I really love the legs of the chair. They have rubber bottoms so they don't scratch your kitchen floors and also the chair doesn't slip or get easily moved by other kids running past it or dogs."

"This is probably most suited for a home where there's space for a high chair that is really another seat at the kitchen table, not necessarily great for cramped city apartments. It's great for parents with a modern sense of style and who want something that is easily cleanable and that they can use for years to come."

-- Leslie and her 6-month-old, from Brooklyn, NY

Baby Trend High Chair

Expert Rating:

High Chair StatsWeight range: 6 months up to 40 lbs.Chair weight: 18 lbs.Dimensions: 41"H x 27"L x 22"W; folded - 38"H x 16"L x 22"WPrice: $80Get It Now: Target 

Expert Review: The Trend High Chair from Baby Trend is a standard, plastic high chair. It offers few frills, but has enough basic features to keep kids and parents happy. Best of all, it's budget-friendly. The Trend seat has three levels of recline and six height positions. Available in 10 fabric designs, the moderate seat padding is easy to wipe down and also machine-washable. The 19" x 9.5" tray can be tricky to secure into place, but it has a unique dishwasher-safe tray topper with five food compartments that practically eliminates the need for kid dishware. Plus the tray has a place to hook onto the back seat legs for storage -- a convenience many brands overlook. The high chair can be used without the tray for more independent eaters and folds up easily for storage. Though the folded Trend is free-standing, we wish it had a lock to hold it in place -- the slightest bump seemed to knock it open. Overall, at just $80, we were impressed with the Trend's performance and features.

Why we love it: six height positions; tray compartments; easy fold; ability to use with or without the tray; budget-friendly

What we wish it had: lock to hold it folded; better tray attachment

Great for: families looking for a versatile, affordable high chair that can fold up if needed

Bottom line: With a good balance of price and features, the Baby Trend "Trend" high chair is our top pick for affordable plastic high chairs.

Parent rating:

"The high chair seat is very easy to be cleaned. The fabric is of a vinyl material and can be easily wiped down with a wipe. I also washed the seat cover and it washed up very nicely. I put it on the delicate cycle in my washer and then let it air dry."

"The tray cover was terrible in my opinion. It was very hard to adjust and to get it off. I ended up just keeping it in one spot and lifting my son in and out of it each mealtime. It saved me the aggravation of messing with it each time! The one nice thing about the tray cover was that it had different compartments where you could keep different foods. Also, it was easy to wipe down after mealtime was over."

"The high chair is easy to fold up and could be done on a daily basis. There's a button on each side that you push at the same time. Very convenient to do!"

-- Erin and her 17-month-old, from Curwensville, PA

Boon Flair

BEST MODERN STYLE Expert Rating:High Chair StatsWeight range: 6mo/15 lbs. up to 4yrs/50 lbs.Chair weight: 42 lbs. Dimensions: 42Hx 23.5”W x 23.DPrice: $218Get It Now: All Modern

Expert Review: With its large, circular base and pneumatic height adjustment, the Boon Flair high chair is modern and well, just looks pretty cool in your kitchen. Available in four bold color schemes, the Flair has a molded plastic seat, a wipeable, foam seat pad and a built-in footrest. At 12” x 7.5”, the tray is on the smaller side, but it comes with two dishwasher-safe inserts and can be locked into two different positions. While the base may appear large, it actually creates a smaller footprint than many other high chairs. Caster wheels on the bottom allow it to move easily from kitchen to dining room, but the brake can be hard to use. While the pneumatic lift which allows you to adjust the height of the seat from 21" up to 26.25" with the press of a button is unique and fun to show off, our favorite feature was the one-piece, easy-to-clean design of the Flair seat which left no cracks for crumbs to hide in -- except in the harness buckle.

Why we love it: easy to move; easy height adjustment; super easy to clean; wow factor

What we wish it had: larger tray; wider range of color options; better brake system

Great for: parents looking for a statement piece for their kitchen or dining room

Bottom line: The high style of the Boon Flair makes it a good choice for parents with a mdoern design sense -- and who plan to have the high chair occupy a prominent place in their kitchen or dining room.

Parent rating:

"The high chair has a nice high back and a removable insert for when the child is young, so our son was comfortable and able to lean back if necessary."

"There aren't a lot of nooks and crannies for food to get lost, and it's really easy to wipe down. The only part that is difficult to keep really clean is the harness clip -- there are a lot of indentations and divots for soft foods to get stuck."

"My favorite parts are the two removable tray inserts (you don't have to clean the entire tray every time), and the ease with which they remove from the tray."

"The tray is a little small and doesn't wrap around the front of the child's torso, so food does get caught between the tray and the child."

"The seat felt secure. Our son is strong and moves a lot, and the chair barely moves when he kicks or bounces. That being said, I had trouble working the brake on the base."

-- Amber and her 10-month-old, from Chicago, IL

Bloom Baby Nano

Expert Rating:

High Chair StatsWeight range: 6 months up to 3 yearsChair weight: 12 lbs.Dimensions: 41.5" H x 23W" x 28.5"D; folded - 50"H x 23"W x 7"DPrice: $150Get It Now: Modern Nursery  

Expert Review: Nanotechnology deals with the very small, which is why the aptly named Bloom Baby Nano high chair is one the slimmest folds around at only 7" deep. Available in a matte black or white frame and nine seat pad colors, the Nano has a super sleek design to match any minimalist's décor. The leatherette seat pad doesn't offer lots of padding, but it's easy to wipe clean (nice, since it's hand-wash only). The mid-sized tray (19" x 8.5") has a deep lip to prevent spills, three positions and is dishwasher safe. The 5-point harness helps hold squirmy babes in place, but the one-button harness release may be easy enough for some escape artists to master. Despite its super slim fold, the Nano's base is as wide as many traditional high chairs, making it tricky to pull up to the dinner table. The chair height and seat back are both fixed, but the Nano offers three tray and two footrest positions. The Nano folds easily and compactly, but isn't free-standing and doesn't provide a place to store the tray.

Why we love it: lightweight; super compact; simple design; easy assembly; color options

What we wish it had: more seat padding; height adjustments; smaller footprint

Great for: parents looking for a modern high chair with a slim fold; wide color selection

Bottom line: A sleek, modern high chair with a slim fold, wide color selection and just enough adjustments to ensure a good fit.

Parent rating: 

"The back of the seat is angled, and is more like a sling than something rigid. My son likes it just fine, but if he were younger, I'd worry about support."

"Since the seat cover covers the entire seat, it's easy to clean -- nothing falls between the cover and the actual seat. Food wipes off easily."

"The high chair can grow with your child. We were looking for something we could push up to the table and use without a tray, and this one would have been perfect…if we had a different table. The wide table legs blocked us from scooting the chair all the way to the table."

"The clips to remove the tray are on the bottom side, and a little bit hard to get at when your kid is in the seat. Plus they require two hands to remove."

"The seat it self is tall in the back, which makes it comfy. The legs of the chair are spread out, though. So if you don't have a lot of space, this might not be the one for you."

-- Jessica and her 2-year-old, from Brooklyn, NY

Chicco Polly Magic High Chair

Expert Rating:

High Chair StatsWeight range: birth up to 37 lbs.Chair weight: 28.5 lbs.Dimensions: 40" x 28.5" x 24"; folded 37"H x 22"W x 9.5"DPrice: $160Get It Now: Toys 'R Us

Expert Review: An upgrade from the original Chicco Polly seat, the Polly Magic adds padding to make the high chair suitable for infants, a storage basket and a new modern look. In addition to the infant padding, the Polly Magic has a low harness position and three positions of recline. The tray is the largest we've seen (with 22" x 13.5" interior dimensions) and adjusts to four positions, plus has an easy-release button and a dishwasher-safe tray topper with a cup holder compartment. While we appreciate the well-padded, its vinyl material doesn't seem breathable and has a number of crevices for hiding crumbs. Six height positions offer lots of versatility and a handy storage basket underneath lets you stash bibs or wipes. Folding the Polly Magic is a multi-step process, but it leaves the high chair compact, free-standing and easy to stash in a closet or against a wall.

Why we love it: large tray; compact fold; infant body support; seat recline; storage basket

What we wish it had: more color options (only black, silver and brown offered); softer seat material; smaller footprint; higher weight limit; a storage space for tray

Great for: those who want an extra-large tray; larger homes or apartments

Bottom line: If space isn't an issue, the Polly Magic offers lots of adjustments in a folding high chair

Parent rating:

"The high chair seat is great for many reasons! First of all, it's a dark color, so doesn't show stains. Its soft plastic covering is so easy to wipe off and clean with a paper towel or a disinfecting wipe. It also reclines, so if my son is just hanging out in it, I can make him more comfortable and relax. The height of the seat is nice. As my son gets taller it will still be comfortable for him."

"The high chair is a bit large. If I don't collapse it (which is actually very easy) it takes up a decent corner of my dining room when not being used. However, the other features more than make up for its large size."

"I love that the tray can be maneuvered with just one hand. The easy lever on the bottom of the tray makes meal time easier when I don't have to put my son down to use both hands to remove tray. The removable tray attachment on top makes clean up so easy! The tray is a bit large in size, but that is really the only negative."

"We love that this high chair is on wheels. We store it in our dining room, but usually use it in other rooms in the house. In the past we had a modern, wood high chair that we had to pick up and lug around. The wheels are such a great feature!"

-- Liz and her 9-month-old, from Reading, MA

Graco Blossom

Expert Rating :

High Chair StatsWeight range: infant up to 60 lbs.Chair weight: 31.8 lbs.Dimensions: 41"H x 22.5"W x 29"DPrice: $180Get It Now:  

Expert Review: The new Graco Blossom 4-in-1 high chair isn't small or lightweight, but it's incredibly versatile. It can be used as a traditional high chair, an infant feeding booster that attaches to a standard chair, a toddler booster or a youth chair. You can even use the youth chair and the infant or toddler booster at the same time to seat two kids at once. But lots of options means lots of pieces, so you'll need a place to store the parts of the chair you're not using. The Blossom is suitable for infants with its three-position seat recline and infant body pillow, and can fit nearly any table height with six height positions to choose from. There's a large (10.5" x 20.5") tray that comes with a dishwasher-safe tray topper and a compact snack tray underneath. An easy-to-wipe, washable seat pad makes for easy clean-up, too. But be warned before you open the box: with 19 pieces to assemble, you'll need some time and patience to get it all together.

Why we love it: Four seating options; infant body support; easy to clean;

What we wish it had: easier assembly; more color options; ability to fold; ability to use without a trayGreat for: parents who want one high chair that can grow with their child; an easy to clean high chair; parents who have room for a larger high chair and don’t need to fold it up

Bottom line: The Blossom is a great investment for growing families with a spacious house or apartment that has room both for the high chair and to store the extra pieces.

Parent rating:

"The high chair has multiple settings for height and for recline, so it was very easy to get my daughter at the perfect height and position."

"The material of the seat is very easy to wipe clean. It also has a removable tray that is so easy to just pop off and wash out in the sink after a meal."

"The tray is nice and roomy and has a convenient cup holder for sippy cups or bottles. It also has a smaller tray underneath that I'm sure will come in handy when our daughter is a little older."

"The size of the chair is not ideal for a New York City apartment, but if you have the space, it would be fine."

"The strap system is excellent for holding my child in without hindering her eating experience. She can wiggle and dance, and I never worried that she would fall out."

-- Adrienne and her 18-month-old, from Brooklyn, NY

Inglesina Zuma

Expert Rating:

High Chair StatsWeight range: 3 months to 33 lbs.Chair weight: 25.5 poundsDimensions: 40"H x 32"D x 22"W; folded - 29"H x 17"D x 22"WPrice: $270Get It Now: Baby Age 

Expert review: The Italian-made Inglesina Zuma high chair boasts an easy-to-use telescopic mechanism that adjusts to eight different seat positions. Baby can eat at the table, recline when he's nursing a bottle or sit at eye level in the lowest position. There's a comfortable curved seat that keeps food out of hard-to-clean corners, but crumbs can get stuck on the Velcro attached to the removable seat cushions and in the screw holes. The Zuma comes with two seat pads, allowing you to still use the seat if one seat pad is in the washer. Maneuvering the high chair from the kitchen into the dining room may cause some difficulty because the wheels don't rotate well. We love that the high chair comes fully assembled except for the attachable tray. The tray is medium-sized, but does require two hands to remove and doesn't position close enough to many children, which may leave your tot with a lap-full of food. There is also an included dishwasher-safe tray topper that snaps into place. Folding is super easy -- you lift the foot brakes and the back legs fold upward into the chair -- and it leaves the chair compact and free-standing.

Why we love it: easy assembly; eight adjustable positions; three reclining positions supportive; compact when closed; easy to get your kid in and out; removable, dishwasher-safe tray; lightweight; safety bar; folds easily

What we wish it had: cheaper price; rotating wheels; adjustable tray; tighter harness; additional accessories; higher weight limit; adjustable tray

Great for: Parents who want a high chair with adjustable seat positions that lets their child feed, play and doze

Bottom line: It's pretty pricey, but the Inglesina Zuma's telescopic adjustment mechanism offers several seating options and heights for growing babies who'll eat at the kitchen table, dining room table or countertop. Minus the ability to adjust the tray position, the Zuma offers lots of features and conveniences for baby and parent

Parent rating:

"This high chair has a very contemporary, minimalist look. It stands out as a futuristic conversation piece in the dining room of my nearly 100-year-old house --in a good way."

"The seat is very easy to clean, which is a big plus. The high chair and padding wipe down very easily. The only thing I can't wipe down quite as simply are the straps, but they come clean with a little elbow grease."

"I generally like the tray. The best part is the removable serving tray on top of the full tray. This is great for cleaning -- I just snap it off and hand wash it without having the whole bulky tray in the sink. I also like that the top serving tray snaps into place so it can't come loose."

"I love that the high chair comes with two sets of padding -- it's super practical if one gets dirty."

"It folds up easily and quickly. There are three quick steps and the instructions are on the bottom of the chair, labeled 1, 2 and 3. It took me a few minutes of fiddling with the chair to figure out exactly how it folds and unfolds, but once I figured it out I could do it quickly -- within 10 seconds or so."

-- Kathy and her 7-month-old, from Maplewood, NY

Peg Perego Siesta


High Chair StatsWeight range: birth up to 45 lbs.Chair weight: 23 lbs.Dimensions: 41"H x 23.5"W x 26"D; folded - 33.75"H x 23"W x 11.75"DPrice: $300Get It Now: Peppy Parents 

Expert Review: With a super soft seat cushion and five levels of recline, it's not hard to see why this high chair is named this the Siesta. Suitable for infants up to 45 lbs., it has one of the most versatile height adjustments we've found, with nine positions to choose from. (The lowest puts the seat just 14" off the ground.) The 18" x 10.5" tray includes a solid bottom tray and a removable, dishwasher-safe tray topper that has a built-in drink holder. Bonus: the Siesta provides a place to store the tray when not in use. Available in orange, chocolate, pea green, black and khaki, the seat is comfortable, but does have a handful of cracks and crevices to hide crumbs. The material is stain-resistant and wipeable, but not safe for the washing machine. A 5-point harness keeps baby safe and locked wheels keep the high chair from rolling -- unless you want it to by pressing the two hand-operated release buttons. The center crotch support is built into the seat, not attached to the tray like in other models, which means its position is not adjustable and older children using the seat without the tray will still have to straddle it.

Why we love it: soft seat padding in bold modern colors; lots of height adjustment options; easy folding; free-standing when folded; super easy assembly; place to store the tray when not in use; rubber mesh storage pocket on the back; adjustable footrest

What we wish it had: lower price; crotch support built into tray instead of seat; free-standing when folded

Great for: dining room table, kitchen islands or kiddie tables with nine height options; doubling as an activity seat for your infant

Bottom line: The Siesta has a steep price tag, but if you buy it when your child is an infant, you'll get years of use out of it.

Parent rating:

"I was surprisingly impressed with the sleek, modern look of this highchair -- for a plastic chair, it really pulls off the mod look well."

"The cushion is soft and thick, and the back comes up high to provide good neck and head support."

"I loved the seat recline! This was especially useful for my 2.5-month-old. Even though he's still many weeks away from using the high chair, he found the seat in a reclined position very comfortable. I would put him in there while I cooked dinner so he could hang out and watch me instead of his usual on-the-floor hangouts. I also liked that the footrest was adjustable so his little legs didn't have to dangle."

"I like that the tray of the highchair has a plastic covering designed to pop out and because the tray itself isn’t ginormous (a good thing, in my opinion), the covering would actually fit well in a normal-sized dishwasher. One small con is that the seat's straps are light gray fabric and I'm worried they might stain easily."

"I love the wheels and the lock feature (you push down on buttons on the chairs' legs to wheel the highchair around; when you release the buttons, it locks into place). I think this is great for our apartment because you can easily move the baby in one safe place from one room to another. It would also work for a great-room style house where you may want the baby to be able to move seamlessly from kitchen to dining room to living room."

"This chair does a great job of combining style and function that for families who can afford it, I'd say it's worth it."

-- Lauren and her 26-months-old and 2.5-month-old, from Great Neck, NY

Fisher-Price EZ Clean

Expert Rating: 

High Chair StatsWeight range: 6 months up to 50 lbs.Chair weight: 20 lbs.Dimensions: 42"H x 26"D x 22"W; folded - 48"H x 16"D x 22"WPrice: $90Get It Now: Walmart 

Expert Review: With unique coated harness straps that resist stains and Nano-Tex® spill-resistant material covering the seat pad, the Fisher-Price EZ Clean really lives up to its name. The seat has three positions of recline, four height options and can be used with or without the tray, which is on the larger side (20"x 11") and includes a dishwasher-safe tray topper. Where the EZ Clean loses points: the fold. In order to do so, you must turn the high chair face down on the ground (problematic if you have a small kitchen or dining area) and then flip the back support beam around to the front of the high chair. It neither locks in place nor stands upright on its own when folded. So unless you're sliding it under a table to store, the method and finished product just aren't very convenient. Still, if you don't need to fold the high chair, the EZ Clean is budget-friendly, adjustable and yes, easy-to-clean.

Why we love it: simple design; Nano-Tex fabric and coated harness straps to make cleaning easier; can be used with or without the tray

What we wish it had: better wheel locks; a different folding system; more height options

Great for: parents looking for an easy to clean, affordable high chair; parents that don't need to fold up the high chair often

Bottom line: Though the folding method is inconvenient, the basic high chair boasts a number of useful features for an affordable price.

Parent rating:

"This chair is larger than I expected, and it takes up quite a bit of space in my dining room. Though the chair uses a neutral color palate, it still screams 'kid stuff' and is quite conspicuous in the room."

"The seat is nicely shaped to comfortably fit babies and toddlers of all ages. The shape is supportive of my tiny 5-month-old, but roomy enough for her to use for a long time. The seat has a washable cover that adds cushioning, and it seems quite comfortable for her."

"I really like that the straps are made of a pliable plastic instead of fabric, so I can wipe them down easily. The seat has a removable cover that is designed to wipe clean easily. The fabric is pretty food-resistant, and liquid bubbles up on it for easy clean-up. There are a few crevices on the frame that could get gummed up with food, but the main parts of the chair should be very easy to keep clean."

"I love that the tray is easy to put on and pull off with one hand. I also like that it is dishwasher safe, although I find it easier to just wipe it clean with a paper towel. The tray is pretty big, but I like that it has tall edges which should keep food from falling (or being pushed) off the sides."

"The wheels are not that easy to move, and they only really allow me to move the chair in a straight line. The wheels are only on the front, so I have to lift up the back to move the chair, making it difficult to move while the baby is strapped in."

"The high chair does have a folding mechanism, although it is not very convenient. To fold the chair, you must first put the chair on the ground, seat facing the floor. Then you push two buttons simultaneously and the frame unlocks. You must then turn the chair on its side and fold the frame up. Once folded, though, the chair is pretty compact."

-- Kristin and her 5-month-old, from Boston, MA

Stokke Tripp Trapp


High Chair StatsWeight range: 6 months (with BabySet) to 300 lbs.Chair weight: 15 poundsDimensions: 31"H x 18"W x 18"DPrice: $199Get it Now:

Expert review: The chic, ergonomic Stokke Trip Trapp doesn't look like your ordinary high chair -- the sleek beech wood seat plate adjusts as your child grows from infant on (you could even comfortably sit in this seat as a grown up!). Available in four natural woods and six painted colors, the basic Tripp Trapp model has a super small footprint -- just 18" x 18" -- making it ideal for city apartments or compact kitchens. The downside: The basic model isn't cheap, and doesn't include many of the accessory parents might want, such as the BabySet ($70), which makes the seat suitable for kids as young as 6 months, the seat cushion ($55) or feeding tray ($50). The chair doesn't fold or have wheels, but it does move around easily -- the small pads attached to the bottom of the legs allow it to glide across a smooth floor without scratching it. The Tripp Trapp is a well-made piece of furniture that will last through multiple children, and heck, even multiple generations.

Why we love it: easy to clean; simple assembly; lightweight; smooth wooden finish; multiple color options 

What we wish it had: cheaper price; easy-to-wipe cushions; dishwasher-safe tray; more standard accessories

Great for: design-conscious parents who want a high chair that fits in to their kitchen or dining room decor

Bottom line: Kids age 5 and under can use it as a high chair, but an adult can sit on it once the seat plate is removed, which makes worth every penny.

Parent rating:

"It's a great chair for design-conscious city folks who need something that looks good enough to be out in the combo kitchen/dining room/living room."

"Since we don't have the tray, it most likely means food will fall from the sides and I'm going to have to use the Dustbuster every night."

"It's pretty easy to wipe down, although the cushions need to be thrown in the wash. I think over time this will be annoying since you have to unsnap the baby seat to get them off."

-- Sasha, and her 5-and-a-half-month-old, of Brooklyn, NY

Svan Signet Complete

Expert Rating:

High Chair StatsWeight range: 6 months to 250 poundsChair weight: 18 lbs.Dimensions: 34.5"H x 20"W x 22.5"DPrice: $249; seat cushion sold separately $40Get it Now:

Expert review: Made of bent Birch, the compact, non-foldable Svan high chair has a unique, modern design. Available in five wood finishes, the Svan Complete blends seamlessly into many kitchens. Do set aside some time for assembly, though, as there are lots of pieces and you'll likely need to assemble the chair and then tweak once your kid's sitting in the chair to find the perfect seat height. The Svan's wooden tray is easy to clean, but you'll most likely use the included dishwasher-safe plastic tray cover (which can be hard to snap on and off). Similar to the Stokke Tripp Trapp, the Svan high chair caters to an infant but expands into a school age and adult chair, too. Svan has updated the high chair to include padding on the bottom making it easier (and safer for your floors) to move between rooms. You'll probably want to add on a seat pad (available in eight machine-washable fabrics) to ramp up both the comfort and style of the high chair. Note: The pads don't wipe clean easily, so consider choosing a darker color to hide the sweet potato stains until wash day.

Why we love it: modern design; adjustable height positions; versatile; long lasting; 5 wood finishes; blends into décor

What we wish it had: cheaper price; easier tray removal; easy assembly; seat

Great for: parents looking for a modern high chair to grow with their kids

Bottom line: versatile, modern and easy to clean, the Svan Complete is an eye-catching, durable wooden high chair

Parent rating:

"I love that this high chair looks like a nice piece of furniture and it totally blends in with my dining room table."

"The cloth seat-pads are my least favorite aspect of the high chair because they immediately look dirty and grimy. They wipe down somewhat with a sponge, but I've already had to run them through the washing machine after about one week of use. The high chair itself is wood, so it's super easy to wipe down, and there aren't too many crevices where crumbs can hide -- which I love."

"This high chair is super adjustable and functional. The system converts into different types of chairs that your child can use through the years. It even converts to a chair that would be suitable for adults."

"The one thing I would change about this chair is to offer a leather or vinyl seat pad that can be easily wiped down."

"I really like the tray on this high chair. It is big enough, but not too big. It's made of thick, durable plastic that I can easily fit into my sink to clean. The tray can be slightly tricky to remove (or replace) if you don't attach/detach the clips in the correct order, but once you figure it out it's a total breeze."  

-- Kristen and her 16-month-old, from Walpole, MA

Safety 1st AdapTable High Chair

Expert Rating:

High Chair StatsWeight range: infant up to 50 lbs.Chair weight: 17 lbs.Dimensions: 46.5"H x 33.5"D x 22"W; folded - 40"H x 14.5"D x 22"WPrice: $60-$80Get It Now: Safety 1st

Expert Review: Make sure you have access to tools before opening up the Safety 1st AdapTable high chair, because you'll need both a Phillips head screwdriver and a pair of small pliers to put this chair together. Once you get through the slightly tedious assembly process, you'll end up with a lightweight, affordable high chair that offers a fair amount of versatility. The seat has six height positions and three levels of recline. There's minimal padding on the seat, and while it states that it is suitable for infants, the lack of adequate padding and the 3-point harness make us nervous about using it with a baby. The AdapTable high chair includes three trays -- a compartmented snack tray that must remain attached at all times (you can lower the seat to fit under a regular table, but older kids won't be able to climb into the seat on their own with the snack tray attached), a large 10"x 20" tray and a dishwasher-safe tray topper. The high chair folds easily and is free-standing. However, the caster wheels were not secure when locked, and siblings were able to push the chair.

Why we love it: budget-friendly; folds up easily; washing machine-safe seat pad; lots of versatility; 10 fabric patterns to choose form

What we wish it had: more secure wheel locks; 5-pt harness; easier assembly; more seat padding; adjustable footrest

Great for: parents looking an affordable high chair; an easy to clean high chair

Bottom line: An affordable, versatile high chair for kids 6 to 8months and older

Parent rating:

"This looks like a standard high chair, but the colors are brighter than other high chairs I have seen. It looks nice in my kitchen, even when not in use."

"The high chair seat is very cushy and my son happily sits in it without ever showing any discomfort. The fabric is actual fabric, as opposed to plastic, which is very soft and comfortable."

"This high chair is very easy to clean. The fabric on the seat wipes clean very easily and never needs to be scrubbed. The tray is also very easy to clean -- even stuck on food seems to come off easily. There are no small crevices that need to be cleaned."

"This seat will grow with my child. Adjustments can easily be made without having to find the manual. I like how intuitive the adjustments are with this high chair."  

"This high chair was very easy to move around the house. I have had no problems with the wheels sticking or getting caught on flooring."

-- Meredith and her 10-month-old, from Milwaukee, WI

Evenflo Modern 300

Expert Rating: 

High Chair StatsWeight range: 6 mo up to 40 lbs.Chair weight: 22 lbsDimensions: 41.5 H" x 21.375"W x 30.75"DPrice: $85 Get It Now: Target 

Expert Review: The Evenflo Modern 300, also sold as just the Evenflo Modern, is a simple, affordable high chair. The hard, white plastic seat is easy to wipe down, but the white or teal blue "pop foam" seat pad that it comes with offers very little in the way of comfortable padding. There's a crevice between the seat and the pad that attracts any and all crumbs. Six height positions and three levels of seat recline offer some versatility, but the two wheels make it tricky to move around the room. The tray is average size and comes with a decorative tray topper, but we found the topper difficult to remove. And while the tray offers four positions, they left the tray floppy -- especially the furthest out position, which allowed a whole inch of wiggle room.

Why we love it: affordable, simple

What we wish it had: a sturdier tray; more color options; easier to remove the tray topper; free-standing when folded; an easier way to move it around the room; smaller tray

Great for: a no-frills, no-fuss high chair; parents that don’t need to move it around very often

Bottom line: Though affordable, the Evenflo Modern 300 leaves us wishing for more user-friendly features.

Parent rating:  

"It's a very standard, plastic high chair with large, basic features, though it does have a cute tray design."

"While the material of the seat pad is very easy to wipe, cleaning the crevice between seat back and bottom is annoying…crumbs get stuck there. Also, I envision the nylon seat straps getting icky very quickly. Thankfully, those came out easily and seem like they can be thrown in the washer."

"Tthe tray is way too large. It doesn't fit in the dishwasher and is extremely hard to fit in my divided sink to hand wash. It's also hard to know when the tray is appropriately attached to the seat. There's no visual or audio cue to know it is safely fastened."

"The base/legs are too wide. It takes up too much space around the table and made it difficult for my other kids to get around it."

"I would have liked wheels on all four legs instead of just the front. We do a lot of moving around between rooms. This high chair was not easily mobile."

-- Keri and her 14-month-old, from Milwaukee, WI

BabyBjorn High Chair

Expert Rating:

High Chair StatsWeight range: 6 months up to 3 yearsChair weight: 11 lbs. Dimensions: 32.5"H x 21"D x 21"W; folded – 37"H x 9"D x 21"WPrice: $259Get It Now: Just Kids Store 

Expert Review: The BabyBjorn High Chair has the compact simplicity we've come to expect from the brand. The chair is petite -- weighing just 11 lbs. (the lightest we've tested!) and standing 32.5" tall. The high chair has one of the easier assemblies we tested -- a one-piece seat and tray unit and four legs that click into place in mere seconds. The small tray has a removable, dishwasher-safe tray topper, but neither has much of a lip, which led to grapes and a sippy on the floor. The tray topper also had a shiny finish, which seemed like it would dull and scratch over time. The tray adjusts to three positions, from the very close (5.5" from the seat back) out to 7" making it less ideal for beefy babies. The molded plastic seat has no pad, but its one-piece design makes cleaning it a breeze. A 3-point harness helps hold your babe in place, as does the snug tray position. Bjorn says the seat is geared for kids up to 3 years old, but due to the stationary footrest and tight tray position, this may be pushing it for most kids.

Why we love it: super compact; easy to assemble; easy to wipe clean

What we wish it had: cheaper price tag; more slip-resistant feet; free-standing when folded; ability to use it without the tray

Great for: parents looking for a super compact high chair; those frustrated by lots of product assembly; parents with kids on the smaller side

Bottom line: The ease of assembly, cleaning and compactness of the Baby Bjorn High Chair makes us swoon, but the price tag and the inability to use it sans tray for older kids makes us think twice.

Parent Rating: "This is a great looking chair. It's really streamlined and is sleek and modern. I love that it has a small footprint and can fold up to just a few inches wide."

"It has a much smaller seat than you're used to seeing on a highchair, but my son is slim, and he fits in it well."

"This chair isn't adjustable at all. The seat doesn't recline back, and is only about 6 inches wide at its deepest. The footrest isn't adjustable either, and at 23 months, my son's feet are already well below it. I'm not too bothered by those things because my son seems really comfortable in the chair. However, I do wish the leg-height was adjustable. I like to pull the chair up to the table so that my son can eat with us. This chair just barely slides under our table top and only if I take off the detachable tray."

"It's all plastic and has a simple, clean shape, so it's very easy to wipe down. There is a detachable tray topper, but the rest of the tray doesn't come off -- it just folds down. So if you don't use the detachable tray you have to clean off the tray before letting your child out or food will fall on the floor. The tight fit of the tray has seemed to keep more food on the tray than getting in his lap, which is great."

"You must squeeze and twist a knob to bring the tray up or down, which takes a little practice and is not intuitive to new users. To fold, you lift the tray all the way up with a push and pull motion under the tray. Then a push of a button behind the seat brings the legs together. This makes it about 10 inches wide. It takes a couple times to get the process, but it's fairly easy."

“It was extremely easy to assemble. I put it together before looking at the directions."

-- Sara and her 23-month-old, from Seattle, WA 

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