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About to 'lose their minds,' parents cheer summer's end in back-to-school parody

'Ya'll need to go back to school, up in here, up in here.' Ya'll need to go back to school, up in here, up in here."
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

As fun as summer vacation may be, parents can only handle so many days of dragging their belongings to the community pool or playing referee to sibling arguments before they lose their minds.

In a new parody of DMX classic "Party Up (Up in Here,)" the Holderness family fully admits that they've reached their threshold when it comes to summer vacation activities.

"Ya'll gonna make me lose my mind, up in here, up in here. Ya'll gonna end up in time out, up in here, up in here," Penn and Kim Holderness sing in the parody. "Ya'll need to not lose your cool, up in here, up in here. Ya'll need to go back to school, up in here, up in here."

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The video shows scenes of summer vacation familiar to all parents — from kids complaining that they're bored while sitting in a room filled with toys, to finding summer reading assignments crumpled up in backpacks and rushing to complete them.

"School got out in June, happy as a honeymoon. Three months later, we're all singing a little different tune," Penn raps in the song. "Three months together is a beautiful thing, but yeah, it's time for the bell to ring."

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LOSE MY MIND // Back to school DMX Parody
The parody shows humorous scenes of Penn and Kim Holderness hauling coolers and bags to the community pool, while their children each carry a single flipper.YouTube/The Holderness Family

So what are Penn and Kim most looking forward to once that first school bell does ring?

"I think our plan is to drop them off and go on a walk together," Penn told TODAY Parents. "We miss 'just the two of us' walks. Those are tough to do in the summer."

"The truth is, we will miss (our kids.) Summers are always an adventure for us," Penn continued. "And the kids, for the first few months, were doing fine together. But month three — they really are about to strangle each other. One is from Mars and the other is from Venus, and after a certain amount of time there's bound to be an interplanetary war."