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Watch this adorable 5-year-old demonstrate a shoe-tying hack

In one short week, a video of 5-year-old Colton Lillard tying his shoes has reached more than 10 million views on Facebook.
/ Source: TODAY

It’s the kind of video you’d think only a mother would watch over and over again, but in one short week a video of a 5-year-old tying his shoes has reached more than 10 million views.

“My name is Colton ­— and this is a new way to tie shoes,” the adorable boy says as he begins patiently showing off his new skill.

Colton’s mom, Ashley Lillard, told TODAY that he had been getting frustrated with tying his shoes the normal way because he’s left-handed and the steps needed be reversed for him.

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One day her friend came over and said her son had been in the same situation until he learned this new trick.

Colton Lillard, 5-year-old viral shoe-tying sensation
Colton Lillard can use his new skill to tie up those baseball cleats!Ashley Lillard

He starts by sticking the ends of each shoelace into the side of the shoe, creating two big loops. Then he simply crosses the loops and ties them together twice for a double-knot.

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Lillard posted the video to Facebook, and had no idea how much attention it would get online. “It’s a terrible video for teaching — I was just doing it for us,” she said. “I wasn’t realizing I was doing it for you know, 9 million people.

The Lillard Family
Colton can also teach his little brother and sister the new technique!Ashley Lillard

While this clever trick may not be new to everyone, the mom of three has received thousands of comments thanking her for sharing the video, and it’s even been helpful for more than just children.

“(One) lady was 50 and she had just had a stroke, and she said, 'The only thing I cannot do is tie my shoes. And after watching this video today I was able to do it,'" Lillard told TODAY.

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As for how many people the video has impacted, Lillard simply said, “It’s overwhelming to say the least.”