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11 last-minute Halloween costume ideas from the TODAY Parenting Team

From homemade bat wings to raiding the dress-up bin, we've got your kids covered with our list of last-minute costume ideas.
/ Source: TODAY

It's almost Halloween, and over on the TODAY Parents Instagram, we've been showcasing Halloween costume ideas from our contributors throughout the month for our TODAY Parenting Team Halloween Parade.

While we've been saying "aww" over cute baby costume ideas and "wow" over intricate family Halloween getups, we've been taking note of which submissions would be simple enough to re-create when things are down to the wire.

So if you're looking for last-minute Halloween costume inspiration, here are 11 ideas, courtesy of the TODAY Parenting Team!

1. Mr. Potato Head

Rosa Stockwell

Last Halloween, Rosa Stockwell's family was planning a "Toy Story" group costume. When her son arrived more than six weeks early, she scrambled to make him this Mr. Potato Head costume using felt and a onesie.

2. Dragon

Aliette Silva

While Aliette Silva and her husband look Halloween-ready in their "Game of Thrones" themed costumes, it all started with a clearance dragon costume found at Party City. This late in the season, check for clearance costumes as you roam the aisles — you just may find the perfect inspiration!

3. Bat

Alison Peterson

Alison Peterson makes homemade Halloween costumes every year, but this cute bat costume shows that homemade doesn't have to be difficult. A pair of bat wings and bat ears can be easily made out of anything from painted cardboard to black felt.

4. Monkey

Ashleigh Beaver

On her first Halloween as a mom, Ashleigh Beaver kept things simple and ordered this adorable monkey costume from Amazon. There are still a few days until Halloween, so don't be afraid to put that Prime membership to good use.

5. Mr. Rogers

Stephanie Hanrahan

It's an adorable day in the neighborhood! Stephanie Hanrahan created this Mr. Rogers costume for her son with a cardigan sweater, tie and dress shirt. The TODAY Parenting Team contributor joked that he was "casual Friday" Mr. Rogers because she couldn't find his khaki pants.

6. Sheriff Woody

Nicole Merritt

With "Toy Story 4" recently in theaters, it's a great year to dress the whole family as characters from the film. Nicole Merritt's then-4-year-old son, Weston, represented in his Sherriff Woody costume. Check the Halloween aisle at a store near you for other Toy Story ideas.

7. The five dollar Halloween hack

Kristal Black

Kristal Black adopted five kids at once through the foster care system, so her Halloween needs greatly multiplied in effort and expense. After going "all out" the first year, the mom of five got a new idea: by giving each kid $5, she let them shop for their costume at thrift stores.

8. Mermaid

Jessica Wolff

A mermaid is a simple costume idea that's easy to DIY with riboon and tulle. Just ask Jessica Wolff, who assembled this sweet costume for her daughter, Lily, who is in the NICU.

9. Pizza delivery driver

Kelly Daniels

Ever wondered what to do with that Little Tykes car your kids no longer play with? Kelly Daniels turned her sons' toy into a pizza delivery car and costumed her boys as a pizza and a delivery driver. If the pizza and delivery car are too hard to put together, the delivery driver is easy to assemble: polo shirt, cap and pizza box. (Throw in a fake mustache for the final touch!)

10. Gymnast

Amy Kryzak

Amy Kryzay's daughter donned a leotard and trick-or-treated as a gymnast. Whether you can find a red, white and blue one or have your kid pull one from their dresser drawer, styling their hair in a bun and having them nail that gymnast pose makes for one cute trick-or-treater.

11. Ghost bat vampire dragon?

Jessica Butler

When Jessica Butler's son requested a "ghost bat vampire dragon" costume, she made his Halloween dreams come true. It proves a good point: Having your kid shop their dress up bin to create the wackiest Halloween costume is a great way to put together a last-minute creation.