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12 things we learned about Matt Lauer when he joined Facebook

He’d love to win a Heisman Trophy, thinks tough subjects make easier interviews and is definitely not immune to on-air giggling fits.

Here are some of the things we learned about Matt Lauer during his first online chat Tuesday, which took place shortly after he (finally!) created a Facebook page.

1. That Tom Cruise interview was as awkward as it looked.

  • Q. Samantha Piette: What is the most awkward interview you've had in your career?
  • A. Matt Lauer: A bit awkward with Tom Cruise a while back!!!! It was one of those unforgettable moments that became a part of pop culture. Important to note: he and I have a great relationship today. 

'Matt, Matt, Matt ...'

June 23, 200513:56

2. He doesn't shy away from a good debate.

  • Q. Christy O'Quinn Howard: How do you handle interviewing people that have a totally different view than you do on whatever the topic is?
  • A. Matt Lauer: Actually, that makes an interview better. A difference of opinion adds energy to any interview.

3. His favorite career moment took place recently, in NYC.

  • Q. Alice DeNino: 20 years is a long time what's your favorite moment of all time?
  • A. Matt Lauer: Being on top of One World Trade Center as they attached the spire. It was such an emotional moments, symbolizing a return after 9/11.

4. I.M. Pei can keep his day job.

  • Q. Lynn Ettien Ives: If you could do any other job, what would you like to do?
  • A. Matt Lauer: I would be an architect; however, I have no talent for it and have no engineering skills, so everything I would build would fall right down.

5. He's inspired by people's second acts.

  • Q. Gina Fiore LeStrange:  Hi Matt, you are the reason I watch The TODAY Show please stay 20 more years! Who was your most inspiring interview with?
  • A. Matt Lauer: THANK YOU for the nice note. I loved interviewing Adam Greenberg, the baseball player who got a second chance in the pros. I learned a lot about life from him.

6. Matt should keep his day job.

  • Jen Romanosky: What is on your bucket list?
  • Matt Lauer: To win the Heisman trophy!

7. The Halloween special takes a (drunk) village.

  • Traci Jones: Who comes up with your Halloween themes? And do you always agree?
  • Matt Lauer: Some of our producers go to a bar, and after several drinks, start firing off ideas. Isn't that obvious! 

8. His favorite "Where in the World" location? A far-flung spot.

  • Q. Olivia Solomon: What is your favorite "Where in the World is Matt Lauer" destination? Is there a place you still really want to go?
  • A. Matt Lauer: There are dozens of places I'd still like to go. My favorite location to date has been Easter Island.
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9. You remember the moment Matt lost it on air, and so does Matt.

  • Q. Carrie Jaworski: It looks like all of you have so much fun. Have you ever laughed while having a serious interview?
  • A. Matt Lauer: Yes. I was doing a consumer pricing segment with Jean Chatzky and something she said struck me as very funny. Google it! 

10. He's a whiffle ball champ. 

  • Q. Debbie Cannada: What is your favorite thing to do with your kids during your down time?
  • A. Matt Lauer: We have epic whiffle ball games at my house!

11. He's a man of simple tastes.

  • Q. Bill Glesner: Matt what do you like on your pizza?
  • A. Matt Lauer: Good one. A day without pepperoni is a day without sunshine.

12. He loves it when interview subjects let down their guard.

  • Q. Daniel Williams: Hey Matt Welcome to Facebook! ! What was the most surprising answer you received in an interview and with who and what was the question?
  • A. Matt Lauer: I was asking President Obama about the Gulf oil spill one time, and why he was holding so many meetings as opposed to spending more time in the Gulf and he told me (paraphrasing), I hold those meetings so I know "whose ass to kick!"