The votes are in! VP nom Tim Kaine was a total hottie back in the day

Hot off the heels of last week's Republican National Convention, the Democratic National Convention has been in full swing this week, and as such, the serious business of presidential politics remains firmly in the spotlight.

But, in the midst of it all, spectators of the political process have found a not-so-serious distraction — recognizing just how easy-on-the-eyes Hillary Clinton's running mate, Tim Kaine, once was.

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Yes, Kaine was busy accepting the vice presidential nomination at the DNC Wednesday, but the Twitterverse has been busy for days debating whether he was "kinda hot" in his younger years or in fact "stupid hot."

But what those who've newly noticed Kaine's old photos might not realize is that he wasn't the only one turning heads back in the day. Just take a look at all of those in the running — then and now:

Hillary Clinton
U.S. Senator Tim Kaine/facebook; AP
Tim Kaine

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LIFE / Getty Images
Donald Trump
@GovPenceIN/twitter; EPA
Mike Pence

While this attractive development seems unlikely to sway any undecided voters, it is offering a "hot" diversion from a heated race.

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Who is Tim Kaine? Hillary Clinton's VP pick spoofs own 'boring' image

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Who is Tim Kaine? Hillary Clinton's VP pick spoofs own 'boring' image

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