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Researchers strive to help you survive the devastating power of tornadoes

Rossen Reports visits a tornado simulator at Texas Tech University, where researchers study ways to help you survive devastating storms.
/ Source: TODAY

Tornado season is off to a scary start, with dozens of tornadoes already touching down across multiple states. Rossen Reports got rare access to a tornado simulator at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, where scientists are trying to figure out ways to build safer homes and help people survive.

Experts say the safest place to be in a tornado is in a certified storm shelter made of concrete walls. But if you don't have time to leave your home:

  • Go to the part of your home that puts the maximum number of walls between you and the tornado. This is not necessarily the bathtub or the bathroom; it could be an interior closet, for example.
  • Get down as low as possible and cover yourself with couch cushions or whatever else you have.
  • Have a whistle handy. If you're trapped under debris, it can help rescuers find you.

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