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Priscilla Presley still protects Elvis, says daughter Lisa Marie

It's been 35 years since Elvis Presley died, but even though the King of Rock 'n' Roll is long gone, his memory lives on. The recent tributes and festivities at Graceland prove that, and so do the actions of the loved ones he left behind.

In part two of TODAY's interview with Priscilla and Lisa Marie, the younger Presley explained to Natalie Morales how after all these years, her mother still takes care of her father.

"She has, up until now, steadfastly defended him and protected him beyond belief since … from when he was alive to after he passed away," Lisa Marie insisted. "She's done nothing but work diligently to protect him -- legally, his image, personally, everything. She's gone to incredible lengths and heights that people might never even know about to make sure that he is protected."

All of that for the man that Priscilla divorced years before his death. But for Elvis and his ex-wife, divorce didn't mean a true separation.

"When we were together, you never knew we were divorced," Priscilla said of their relationship. "We had a lot of affinity for each other. And we were very good friends."

And according to Priscilla, he was also a very good father -- more or less.

"I thought he could be the best father he could possibly be, being who he was," she said. "He was a caring father."

One who would have been proud of his only child today, and who would have been thrilled to be a grandfather to her children.

"He was family oriented," Priscilla continued. "If he were alive today, he'd just be all over those kids, hugging them, adoring them, talking to them, having them around all the time."

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