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Watch Mariska Hargitay surprise 11-year-old 'SVU' fan who fought off kidnapper

“I’m so incredibly honored to meet you,” Hargitay told Alyssa Bonal, whose brave struggle against a suspected kidnapper was caught on video.
/ Source: TODAY

The 11-year-old “Law & Order: SVU” fan who fought off an attempted kidnapper got the surprise of a lifetime when show star Mariska Hargitay sat down with her for a remote conversation on TODAY Friday.

“I’m so incredibly honored to meet you,” the actor told Alyssa Bonal.

“I just want to tell you how blown away me and all of my squad are and I think the whole world right now that you had the forethought and the wherewithal to do what you did and I am just blown away,” Hargitay said.

Alyssa, who lives in Florida, was at a bus stop playing with slime earlier this week when a man jumped out of a car and attempted to drag her to the vehicle. She smeared some of the slime on his arms before he fled the scene, which proved to be an invaluable clue when police found the suspect later.

Alyssa said she was inspired by watching “Law & Order: SVU” with her mother.

"I knew that that might be better evidence if the cops do find him," she told TODAY earlier this week.

Hargitay, who said she was "honored" to be part of the story in an Instagram post, also gave an autographed a script from the show to Alyssa.

“You are my hero,” it said.

“You’re amazing, sweetheart. You’re amazing. And strong and brave,” Hargitay told the girl during their conversation. “And what’s most important to everyone is that you’re OK and that is the most beautiful gift that we all have.”

Alyssa was in awe of getting to spend a little time with the actor.

Hargitay shows off the script that she's giving to Alyssa.
Hargitay shows off the script that she's giving to Alyssa.TODAY

“It’s amazing to meet you,” she said.

“I never thought in my whole entire life that I was going to be able to even meet you.”

And what would Hargitay's character, Capt. Olivia Benson, say if she got the chance to speak with Alyssa?

“Would you like to be on my squad?” Hargitay said, laughing.