Maria Shriver: What does #DoingItAll mean to you?

I’ve always been interested in women’s stories. And those stories are more important than ever as women are now at the core of the American family and American economy. 

Women are doing it all because they have to. They’re working hard to provide for their families, raise their children, and care for their elderly parents. And they're trying to make ends meet too often with paychecks whose ends don’t meet. 

In January, I will be releasing the third installment of The Shriver Report with a focus on the struggles women face as they navigate their modern roles in an ever changing world. 

I know the “having it all” conversation is outdated because so many of you are already doing it all. I want to start the New Year with a new conversation — one that reflects the reality of the modern family, where women are at the center.

Millions and millions of women today find themselves being told to break the glass ceiling and yet they feel that there is no foundation for them to stand on. It's hard to add another crack to the ceiling when you are standing on a cracked floor. We want to hear from you as to what would help you shore up your foundation. What do you want so that you can even think about the ceiling? What do you need to feel strong, stable and secure?

From the breadwinner to the caregiver, from the matriarch to the single woman, your experiences are defining who women are in today's world.

Tell me: What does #DoingItAll mean to you? And is #DoingItAll a worthy goal for women?

Be specific with a story from your own life, and maybe we can help you sort things out.  Send us an email or tweet with the hashtag #DoingItAll.