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Jean report: Five fits to flatter your figure

Kristin van Ogtrop of Real Simple magazine shares some hints on how to find the best jeans for different body types.

Jeans have become a staple for most women. We wear them to work, we wear them on the weekend and we wear them out to a fancy dinner. But finding a pair that really fits can be difficult. Let's face it... It's only marginally more enjoyable than trying on swimsuits. Kristin van Ogtrop is editor-in-chief of Real Simple magazine and she was invited to appear on TODAY to share some hints on how to find the best jeans for different body types. Here are her tips:

This year's trend is the skinny jean, but just because they're popular, doesn't mean they work for every body type. The most important thing is to consider what looks best on your figure. Play up your assets and conceal your flaws. There is truly a jean for everyone these days!

Real Simple tried on more than 100 pairs of jeans in all styles, shapes and sizes. Bootcut jeans were the overwhelming favorite, because they have a flattering, versatile shape.

Also, with today's jeans hitting the $200 mark, many of the styles we're showing today are a good value (especially Spiegel, Paper Denim and American Eagle).

Here's what best flattered these five categories: Hips and thighs, thick middle, petite, straight, plus size.

Best for full hips and thighs
The dark denim wash has a streamlining effect. A higher rise in the rear keeps your backside covered and contours voluptuous curves without gaps or bulges. Flared legs offset any extra width up top. ($68, It! Jeans @

Best for thick middle
A higher rise of nine inches and the generous fit at the waist accommodate a fuller midsection. One tester raved, "No other jeans have made me look this skinny." Each numbered pair is hand finished, so no two are alike. ($88, Paper Denim & Cloth @ Macy's)

Best for straight figure
One tester reported these jeans fit her at the hips and even gave her behind a boost. The dipped waist, a hint of stretch, and the flare of the bootcut legs all work together to maximize curviness on a boyish body. ($130, Yanuk @ Macy's)

Best for petite figures
Most petites always assume they have to have pants hemmed, but one RS tester raved "Finally I won't have the hassle of hemming." Proportion is also not a problem with this straight-leg pair: A touch of spandex helps the fit, and the low rise suits a smaller frame ($49.50 @ American Eagle Outfitters @

Best for plus size
Most plus-size jeans don't incorporate up-to-date styling, but these modern, slimming dark indigo ones are made to flatter. Creases lengthen the slightly flared legs. The pair we have, Laurel, is made for wide hips, but another, Cheyenne, fits an apple figure. ($143, C.Enne.v @ - styles: Laurel for wide hips, Cheyenne for apple shapes)

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