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Watch this grandpa's heartwarming reaction to receiving US passport

The 76-year-old was overwhelmed with emotion and saw his passport as "confirmation that he was a citizen."
/ Source: TODAY

It's a dream come true for one grandfather, who got his U.S. passport at the age of 76.

In a video clip that has since gone viral on Twitter with more than 220,000 likes, Arnulfo Valle whoops with joy and throws his arms in the air after realizing his U.S. passport had finally arrived.

Despite being a "a stoic gentleman," as his granddaughter Brianna Valle describes him, the the 76-year-old, who is deaf, couldn’t contain his excitement. She shared the video on Saturday, writing, "My grandma laid out my grandpa’s citizen passport card on the table for him to see as soon as he got home. 76 years old and finally got his citizenship."

At one point in the video, Valle exclaims in Spanish that he is “going to have a heart attack" because he was so overcome with emotion.

Brianna Valle, 19, said that her grandfather was born in Mexicali, Mexico but has been living in Watsonville, California, which is about 90 miles outside of San Francisco, for nearly two decades.

Brianna, who also lives in Watsonville, says her grandpa was overwhelmed with "relief" and felt "it was confirmation that he was a citizen."

Brianna and Arnulfo Valle.
Brianna and Arnulfo Valle.Courtesy of Brianna Valle

In order to get his passport, the elder Valle had to turn in his green card and wait several weeks.

Though he had completed the naturalization process in July, the ICE raids in Mississippi left him feeling very anxious, Brianna Valle explained. He felt like he didn't have any proof of his citizenship.

“He watches the news and he was afraid,” she revealed.

But these days, Valle can’t stop smiling. “He’s so happy,” she told TODAY. “He feels 100% official now.”

Well-wishes continue to pour in on Twitter for Valle, with many people admitting they were moved to tears.

“Congratulations & bless your grandpa. Love his pure joy for the citizenship that so many Americans take for granted!” wrote one person.

Added another, “This is what a proud American who loves his country looks like.”