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Donald Trump on President Obama's criticism: 'I'm obviously his worst nightmare'

Donald Trump continued to swap insults with President Obama, who expressed faith that Americans wouldn't elect the current Republican front-runner.
/ Source: TODAY

Donald Trump continued to swap insults Wednesday with President Obama, dismissing Obama’s notion that the billionaire’s background as a reality show host disqualifies him to run the nation.

“I’m obviously his worst nightmare if I go in, but he can make the statement, but people are tired and they’re angry and they’re fed up,” he said on TODAY, repeating his charge that Obama “doesn’t know what he’s doing” as the nation’s leader.

On Tuesday, Obama expressed faith that the billionaire Republican wouldn't win the presidential election because Americans “recognize that being president is a serious job.”

"It's not hosting a talk show or a reality show. It's not promotion. It's not marketing. It's hard," Obama said, after being asked about Trump during a news conference at an economic summit in California.

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Trump responded by saying he considered it a compliment to be criticized by the president who “has done such a bad job.” He then boasted that had he run for president in 2012, he would have easily beat Obama.

"You're lucky I didn't run last time, when [Mitt] Romney ran, because you would have been a one-term president,” he said.

On TODAY, Trump also continued his ongoing attack against his closest Republican rival, Ted Cruz. Trump said his lawyers are researching whether to file a lawsuit over the fact that Texas senator was born in Canada.

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“I may very well do it. I may be doing him a big favor, because frankly the Democrats are going to sue on that issue,” he said.

Trump, who described himself as a "common sense conservative," said he has been far more conservative than Cruz on issues ranging from border security, military size and veteran well-being.

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