'Crunchy' or 'crispy'?  Al tries to learn the snowboarding lingo

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Totally ‘spoice,’ dude! Talk like a snowboarder

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Totally ‘spoice,’ dude! Talk like a snowboarder

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Sage Kotsenburg and Jamie Anderson shredded the gnar Saturday, keeping it spoice by avoiding yard sales. Their runs led to the crispiest of all prizes: gold medals. 

No idea what any of that means? Us either — but Al Roker caught up with Kotsunberg and Anderson to get some answers. 

With that, "Al's Totally #Spoice Snowboarding Slang Class" was born. The question is, did he learn anything?

"It's getting to the point where nobody understands us anymore, it's getting bad," Kotsenburg explained.

"Do you even understand each other?" Al retorted.

"No we really honestly don't! We say stuff and it goes together!" Kotsenburg laughed. 

But that didn't stop Al. Here's what he came away with from his lessons with Kotsenburg and Anderson.

Shreddin' the gnar 
1. Shredding the mountain.
2. Hanging loose.
Examples of shreddin' the gnar as used by Jamie Anderson: It's pretty much what we do, out there shreddin' the gnar.

Yard sale 
1. When, typically a skier, takes a fall and his/her equipment is thrown all over the place.

1. No specific definition. Can be used for anything, as any part of speech.
Examples of spoice as used by Sage Kotsenburg: That trick was spoice. Jamie's a spoice.

1. When something is pretty nice
Examples of cripsy as used by Sage Kostunberg: That was pretty crispy.
*Note: Do not confuse with 'crunchy,' as 'crunchy' is not a certified word in the language of U.S. Olympic snowboarders

Blasting a dookie 
1. According to Al, this is something Matt Lauer did in college, and has since sworn Sage Kostenburg to secrecy. 

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