Cheer up, American soccer fans, with this Google Doodle


The U.S. men’s national soccer team came thiiis close to winning Sunday’s match against Portugal and its photogenic mega-star, Ronaldo, before a heartbreaking, game-tying goal in the 95th minute. At least American soccer fans can chuckle at Monday’s Google Doodle, which portrays an all-too-familiar scenario for those stuck in an office during the World Cup action. In it, a bunch of Google letters cheer during a match, only to switch it over to a drab looking graph when the boss walks by. 

Google is a doing a new World Cup-themed Doodle for every day there is a match. On Thursday, the U.S. team could advance with a win against Germany. Game time is 12 p.m. ET, meaning there will be plenty of American fans pretending to work while sneaking a peek every chance they get. 

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