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Charlie Sheen reportedly offered $25M to drop lawsuit

There may be a reason behind Charlie Sheen's recent conciliatory attitude: He's reportedly close to making a deal with former bosses Warner Bros., who want him to drop his lawsuit.
/ Source: E!online

Charlie Sheen is finally saying the right things. Or at least his lawyers are.

On the heels of his super-scripted, yet humble appearance at Sunday night's Emmy Awards, during which he wished the folks at "Two and a Half Men" nothing but success and then rubbed elbows with Ashton Kutcher, the actor is close to settling his $100 million lawsuit against his former bosses, according to various reports.

And the terms sound very favorable on Sheen's end.

Charlie Sheen

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Charlie Sheen

The actor’s found success in films like “Wall Street” and TV shows like “Two and a Half Men,” but his off-screen life hasn’t been as smooth.

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Per the Los Angeles Times, Warner Bros. is gearing up to pay Sheen roughly $25 million to get him to drop his wrongful-termination suit against the studio and "Men" cocreator Chuck Lorre.

That sure sounds better than having one's body explode "like a balloon full of meat," like the fate that befell Sheen's killed-off character on tonight's season premiere of "Two and a Half Men."

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In response to E! News' request for comment, a rep for Warner Bros. denied that there was any deal in place.

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But, judging by Sheen's most recent behavior, including almost charming appearances on "Today" and "The Tonight Show," he may not want to end up being known solely for breaking the record for most cocaine jokes told at a Comedy Central roast.

In fact, it sounds as if Sheen is more than ready to get back to business.