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Best bets: Matt Damon gets an 'Adjustment'

Matt Damon stars in "The Adjustment Bureau" while Johnny Depp voices a chameleon in "Rango." Also: "Celebrity Apprentice" returns; Oscar-nominated "127 Hours" comes to DVD.
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MoviesIt's kind of a dead time for movies, but one of the most promising new films in a while comes out this week. Matt Damon and Emily Blunt star in "The Adjustment Bureau." He's a politician, she's a ballerina, and since this movie is based on a Philip K. Dick sci-fi story, there's a weird government bureau whose job it is to keep the two apart. (Opens March 4.)

Johnny Depp has proven he can play just about anything, from Captain Jack Sparrow in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" series to Willy Wonka in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." He's a bit of an acting chameleon, wouldn't you say? So voicing a pet chameleon who finds himself thrown out of his safe home and serving as a lawman in a Wild West town shouldn't be tough at all. "Rango" also features the voices of Isla Fisher, Harry Dean Stanton, and Abigail Breslin. And while it's animated, it is rated PG, so the littlest tots may not be the right audience. (Opens March 4.)

How about a blast from the past? "Hot Tub Time Machine" had moviegoers laughing at the 1980s, and now "Take Me Home Tonight" is shooting for the same crowd. Star Topher Grace was just two in 1980, but he has plenty of retro experience from starring in "That '70s Show." He plays a directionless video-store clerk (remember video stores?) who has high hopes for romance when his high-school crush invites him to a big bash. They're going to party like it's 1989! (Opens March 4.)

La Toya Jackson! Gary Busey! Meatloaf! Who are three people who've never been in my kitchen? Well, yes, but they're also stars of the latest "Celebrity Apprentice," along with Lil Jon, Jose Conseco, Lisa Rinna, David Cassidy and a batch of others. Host Donald Trump has already revealed the two sniping stars to watch for: Apparently former "View" host Star Jones and "Real Housewife" NeNe Leakes fight constantly. Impossible to find someone to root for there. It's like Freddy vs. Jason. (Premieres March 6, 9 p.m., NBC)

Chicken and waffles? Kebab sliders? Saucy meatballs? Grown-up grilled cheese sandwiches? Would you go to a restaurant with one of those themes? The aspiring restaurant owners of "America's Next Great Restaurant" hope you would. Bobby Flay hosts this cooking competition show, which not surprisingly, looks a lot like "Top Chef." We feel sorry for the contestant who believes vegetarian dining is the future of America, though. He thinks 15 percent of the population eats veggie, but really, it's less than 3 percent. Meat may be murder, but it sells. (Premieres March 6, 9 p.m., NBC.)

Until Sept. 11, 2001, America's worst workplace disaster was the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire in 1911. You've heard the horror stories — the owner of the business didn't trust his mostly immigrant employees not to steal, so he locked them in, and when the fire broke out they were trapped. One hundred twenty-six died, mostly women, almost half just teens. "American Experience" takes a fascinating look at this century-old tragedy. (Feb. 28, 9 p.m., PBS.)

Few people could do what Aron Ralston did: When the young mountain climber was trapped in a Utah canyon, his arm pinned beneath a giant boulder, he knew he'd have to attempt the unthinkable. Anesthesia-free amputation seems a grim topic for a film, but it's earned raves, as well as numerous Oscar nominations. Director Danny Boyle calls "127 Hours" "an action movie with a guy who can't move." It's proved too grim for some viewers, but those who sit through it come out raving. (Out on DVD March 1.)

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