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'Arachnoquake' movie will unleash albino spiders

Tracey Gold, Edward Furlong will star in SyFy made-for-TV film, which airs in 2012.
/ Source: Reuters

Former "Growing Pains" star Tracey Gold is the latest '80s icon to sign on for an impossibly silly Syfy drama: "Arachnoquake," which somehow doesn't have an exclamation point in the title, will find her battling giant albino spiders unleased by earthquakes.

Also appearing in the TV movie are Bug Hall ("The Little Rascals"), Ethan Phillips (" Star Trek: Voyager" ) and Edward Furlong, who is somehow listed only fourth in Syfy's news release despite starring in "Terminator 2: Judgment Day."

A production of Active Entertainment, "Arachnoquake" is directed by Griff Furst, who also directed "Swamp Shark," which had us at "swamp" and then sealed the deal with "shark." It was one of the highest-rated Syfy Saturday Original Movies of 2011.

"Arachnoquake" (seriously? No exclamation point?) airs next year.