Real woman to quit her job during GoDaddy's Super Bowl ad

By Ben Popken

Some people quit their jobs with resignation letters. During GoDaddy's Super Bowl ad, a real woman will tell her boss "I quit" on national television, the company announced.

For those among the over 100 million estimated viewers who've ever fantasized about telling their manager to "shove it," but never had the guts, the ad will be their chance to experience it vicariously.

The woman's boss will find out along with the rest of the country during the big game. After the ad runs, she'll send a formal resignation letter and give her two-week notice.

The ad is a further departure from its previous Super Bowl spots, which were known for featuring ample-chested women bursting out of shirts or were centered around off-camera female nudity.

Actor John Turturro will also appear in the spot, the company announced.

TODAY will interview the woman on the show the day after the big game to find out what was going through her head and why she decided to quit her job this way.

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