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Rawr! This bear is hungry for... Chobani Yogurt?

Besides the battle on the gridiron between the Broncos and Seahawks, there's another game day rumble brewing between two rival yogurt makers.

Both Chobani Yogurt and Dannon Oikos have spots in the game, but only one can take home the prize as best Super Bowl yogurt ad.

Chobani Yogurt's ad features a very hungry brown bear ransacking a small town grocer. He trashes the entire place, unstoppable, until he finds the Chobani he was looking for. He then tries to calmly ring the bell and purchase it. Well, as calmly as a one-ton predator with an appetite can be.

It's a fun, well-produced ad, but it will be hard to best Oikos' spot. It's got a Full House reunion and a cute woman who nearly licks yogurt off John Stamos' jeans. So far it's ahead over 2.5 million YouTube views on the Chobani ad, which has yet to break 100,000.

All is not lost. Chobani does have a secret weapon: for people who tweet at the Chobani account, the bear showcased in the ad is making personalized YouTube videos.

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