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Video says kids should put down the devices and appreciate nature's beauty

Three generations were asked what they liked to do for fun as a kid. Their responses will open your eyes.
/ Source: TODAY

Nature Valley has opened up the conversation about the sad reality that today's kids have a better relationship with their smartphones than they do with nature.

The company, which specializes in granola bars, asked three generations what they liked to do for fun as a kid in their new commercial, which was shot using real people's stories.

The advertisement show older subjects saying they enjoyed blueberry picking and growing watermelons and plantains, while the baby boomers reflected on gathering the neighborhood kids for a game of hide and seek.

Kids these days have a different idea of fun, according to the commercial.

"My favorite thing to do in the world is watching videos and playing video games," one boy said. "Those take up so much of my time."

The ad shows the same boy saying that he turns to video games whenever he feels upset and it immediately helps the pain go away. He also said he recently watched 23 episodes of a television series in less than four days.

"I actually feel a little sad because I feel like my son is missing out on what's out there in the beautiful world," one woman, identified as a mom in the advertisement, said.

Another woman who spoke in the video commercial said she is afraid that her kids will never have to leave the house.

"Nature has always been a part of childhood," the video stated. "Let's make sure it doesn't stop with us."