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You can now rent a real hobbit home for your next vacation

/ Source: TODAY

Tucked away two miles up a mountain in Orondo, WA, there’s an enchanting little home that’s perfect for hobbits and humans alike. Often referred to as the hobbit hole, this 288-square-foot “Tiny House in the Shire” looks like it’s straight out of J. R. R. Tolkien’s "The Hobbit" or "The Lord of the Rings" and is currently available for rent on Airbnb.


Featuring one bedroom, one bathroom and a cozy indoor fireplace, this off-grid home can accommodate up to two people. Along with enjoying breathtaking views from the Columbia River Gorge mountainside, guests will also be surrounded by some pretty sweet neighbors — deer, rabbits, birds and grouse — according to the listing.

Entry to the home is through a round main door that was upcycled from a cable spool with custom metal work by a local designer. There are a couple of tiny round windows as well. The bedroom is right off of the front door, so you can be sitting in the queen bed enjoying the view if you leave it open.


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In the main living area, a stone-covered propane fireplace provides heat for the place, which stays at about 55 degrees year round, according to the listing. There’s also a seating area with mugs and a barrel of drinking water on the wall.


The cozy bathroom features a tub built for two as well as a carved driftwood sink and toilet. Electricity in the home is generated by solar energy.

On the ceiling, lanterns and rustic chandeliers provide a warm glow in the home. On the floor, you’ll find cordwood which, according to the listing, took countless hours of cutting, gluing and grouting.


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Parking is a tenth of a mile down the mountain, so it’s a about a five-minute heart-pumping trek up to the house, says the listing.

The home has received five star reviews from every guest across the board. “For anyone interested in Tolkien's works, this is literally like seeing his words come to life,” wrote one guest. “You truly do expect Gandalf or Bilbo to come strolling through the door at any moment.”

Interested in staying at the property? Rates start at $250 per night. You can find more information or book your visit at