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The truth revealed! What 6 common real estate terms really mean

Don't always believe what you read.
/ Source: TODAY

Don’t always believe what you read.

Typically accompanying real estate listings is text making big promises that don’t always deliver. To cut through real estate lingo, Fredrik Eklund, star of “Million Dollar Listing New York” and author of “The Sell,” dished to TODAY what some common real estate terms really mean.

Whether you are looking to buy or rent a home, here are six phrases to avoid:

Cozy: “It means kind of small,” Eklund said.

Charming: If you spot this word, Eklund says it typically means the property is old.

Original condition: This phrase usually is really saying that it’s falling apart.

Architect ready: “That means basically gut ready,” Eklund said, and will cost a lot of money to rip out.

Conveniently located: This phrase is ambiguous, Eklund said. “What does that really mean? Is it next to a beautiful forest? Next to a park? Or in an industrial area?”

Once in a lifetime: Never put that in a real estate listing, Eklund insists, adding that there is only one thing that’s once in a lifetime, and that’s death.