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Cleaning up Christmas: Tricks for storing ornaments, garland and other holiday decorations

New Year’s is behind us, and that means the time has come to pack up that holiday décor. Not to worry, you will pull it out again in 11 months (or sooner), so keep it safe with these storage tips from author and founder of P.S.- I Made This Erica Domesek.

Wrapping paper

While several organization stores sell wrapping paper storage systems, all it takes to keep that paper stored safely and ready to use is a plain hanging garment back. Simply hang it up and put the wrapping paper rolls inside.

Christmas lights

Save yourself the headache of having to untangle those holiday lights next season. Grab a piece of cardboard and wind the lights around it. This strategy will keep the cords untangled and ready for the 2015 festivities.

Extension cords

Now that you don’t have a tree or house to light, you can put those extension cords away. To do so, grab a toilet paper tube, wrap up the extension cord and slip it inside. Erica even suggests pulling out some colorful tape and decorating the tube for a little extra fun.


Faux garland isn’t cheap, so make sure to store it safely so you can use it for seasons to come. Pick up a wreath organizer at a local organization store and simply wrap up the garland and stick it in.

Holiday cards

It hurts to throw them out, but leaving those holiday cards around the house is just asking for clutter. Before tossing them, take a picture with your phone to store those memories without the mess.


There are so many ways to store ornaments that you have no reason for any to break or crack. One option is to stick each ornament in plastic drinking glasses, then layering the glasses in a plastic bin with a piece of cardboard in between each layer. “They can’t bang. They can’t shake,” Erica said. “They’re great until next year.”

A second way to store ornaments is by repurposing the fake paper snow that you might have left over from the festivities. Either fill up a box with the snow and put the ornaments inside, or fill up stockings with the snow and store the stockings there for fragile and festive keeping.