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Here's how to make taking out the trash suck less

Taking the trash out really stinks. Literally. We can't help you with that, but we can help make it a little bit easier.
/ Source: TODAY

If there's one chore that stinks more than any other, it has to be taking out the trash. We mean that literally. It smells.

We can't exactly help you with that problem, but we can help make taking the trash out a little bit easier.

Once you've worked up the motivation to actually get rid of the garbage, there's always that moment when you struggle to pull the full bag out of trash — it almost seems as if the garbage can is fighting to keep its precious cargo. One simple adjustment can remove that suction for good and make the chore suck a little bit less.

Follow the steps below and watch this video on how to try the trick.

1. Place a piece of tape somewhere on the bottom of your empty garbage can.

2. Using an electric drill, drill a small hole through the taped section of the garbage can.

3. Remove the tape for easy cleanup and refill the can with a garbage bag.

In even more good news, this trick also works for recycling bins.

Congratulations, you've officially won the tug of war with your trash can!

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