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Frustrated folding a fitted sheet? Martha Stewart's friends show you how

by Brittany Loggins / / Source: TODAY

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Folding a fitted sheet is no easy feat, and while there are a few methods out there, the latest video shared by Martha Stewart may just take the cake.

While Stewart is known for her own tips, on Monday she shared an Instagram video in which two of her friends quickly and beautifully fold a fitted sheet. And when Martha is impressed, everyone is impressed!

Stewart describes the method of Kevin Sharkey, the Executive Editorial Director of Martha Stewart Living, and Douglas Friedman, a photographer, as “impeccable.” And with more than 79,000 views, it’s clear that her followers are tuned in to check out the video worthy of such praise.

Clearly, Sharkey and Friedman have spent enough time around Stewart to pick up a few tricks of their own.

“But here's the rub,” writes Stewart. “Who has a Kevin Sharkey or a Douglas Friedman to help at home?”

While you may not have these two gentleman on hand, TODAY put together a video that will show you how to combine their joint effort into a one-person job!

That’s right, with a few clever flicks of the wrist you can turn a rumpled pile of sheets into a neat and tidy square that will perfectly organize your linen closet.

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