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The 1 thing every room in your home needs and more from designer Emily Henderson

Does that room not feel quite like home yet? Emily Henderson may have the answer.
/ Source: TODAY

Does that room not feel quite like home yet? Emily Henderson may have the answer.

The interior designer, stylist, mom, host of HGTV's "Secret from a Stylist," blogger and founder of Los Angeles-based design company Style by Emily Henderson recently spilled her best decorating secrets to TODAY.

Read on to learn the one piece every room needs, how she incorporates unique vintage wares into her bright, eye-catching designs and her favorite trends of the year.

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1. Fill in the blank: The perfect room isn’t complete without _____.

Oh, let me see. I'd say you need something vintage or antique — just something to give it some soul, and tell the story of the person that lives there. That's always important, and it's something I live by when I'm decorating my own home, too. You want your home to feel unique.

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2. Where’s your favorite inexpensive place to shop?

I've got so many! But I'd have to say thrift stores and flea markets. Everyone knows this by now, but those places are absolute treasure troves of awesomely wacky and weird pieces at affordable prices. My kind of stuff! And if you don't live near a flea market or have a local thrift store, I always recommend that people check out estate sales or yard sales in their own area. The truth is, you never know what you might find. Sometimes, the oddest trinkets can become the best and most talked-about pieces in your home.

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3. What are some common items you look for in vintage stores?

Art! It sounds like a huge category, but art is definitely the one item I will never, ever stop purchasing. It is always a good investment. Yes, always. It's timeless. And I honestly don't think one person can ever have enough of it...says the woman who's currently got 50 pieces of art waiting to be framed and hung!

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4. What trend this summer are you most excited about?

Faded pastels and watercolors. These are both things I've been seeing everywhere lately, and I can't wait to see more. I have long been a fan of dusty blues and pinks, actually. They bring in just the right amount of color without being too "in-your-face." And they're absolutely perfect for the season, too. Marie Antoinette really knew what she was doing when it came to colors!

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5. What’s your No. 1 piece of advice for people trying to incorporate adventurous, interesting style choices on a small budget?

Every room needs a conversation piece, a jumping off point. Often once that is decided which admittedly can take a while, everything else becomes easier to fill in. Choose a color palette, shop and style within that palette and you are pretty much good to go.